Wednesday, November 13, 2013

'Person of Interest' in Gifs: Badass Carter Channels Badass Reese!

Tuesday, November 12 (10:01 – 11:00 PM ET/PT)
left to right: Taraji P. Henson, Laz Alonso
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Last week, Carter (Taraji P. Henson) had just learned that Quinn (Clarke Peters) is the HR boss. This week, on the ominously titled episode "Endgame," she becomes the badass we all knew she could be in her journey to take down HR and avenge the murder of her boyfriend Cal Beecher (and her new rookie partner, Laskey).
The Machine spits out 38 numbers, all members of HR. Reese (Jim Caviezel) inquires whether the Machine "blew a belt," but it's more likely that something big is going down (and because the Machine is "not a lawnmower," as Finch replies). Finch (Michael Emerson) and Reese realize that someone is attempting to take out HR. We see that Carter is the vigilante when she tells everyone she knows to lay low and smashes her phone. The look on her face shows a heavy burden.

Before asking Elias (Enrico Colantoni) to lay low, Carter has him talk to the Russian boss, Peter Yogorov (Morgan Spector). Of course, Elias puts his own flair on it, leaving a bullet in Yogorov's food.

We soon learn what all the secrecy is about when Carter steals a shipment of Russian drugs with a grenade launcher, a punch in the face for one of the drivers, and the universal sign for "on the ground, before I shoot you with this gun" for the truck's copilot.

Oh, and Carter stole Reese's grenade launcher to pull off the stunt!
It's all a ploy to make the Russians conclude that HR has stolen the drugs, and to make HR think that the Russians want to kill them for stealing the drugs. HR also thinks that "the man in the suit" is behind the whole thing, trying to start a war between the two groups. HR is willing to go to war if the Russians do indeed attack them, which is exactly what Carter makes them believe when she shoots at Quinn with a ginormous rifle. It's at this point that the Machine begins spitting out numbers for the Russians as well.

Meanwhile, the episode goes heavy on Carter flashbacks, making viewers believe that this could be her swan song. One flashback involves her PTSD-inflicted ex getting a bit violent.

In the present, that cutie-patootie ex, Paul (Laz Alonso), has gotten help and is doing well, and Carter has entrusted in him the safety of their equally nice-looking son, Taylor (Kwoade Cross). She calls them for what seems like "one last time," knowing the danger she faces.

Carter's ex
Carter's son
Fusco (Kevin Chapman) attempts to help out, but Carter leaves him high and dry after a few sweet sentiments about trusting him more than anyone else. Carter thinks she can take them on by herself and keep everyone else safe, having had saved up all the surveillance evidence she needs, as well as a sworn statement from a witness. It's enough to obtain an arrest warrant for Quinn, and now all she needs is to find the right judge. Unfortunately, she makes the wrong choice, and the judge (Paul O'Brien) immediately calls Quinn.
Meanwhile, Reese and Shaw (Sarah Shahi) go out to help all the Russians HR have rounded up, but they're too late: Carter has already called in the FBI, and they save the Russians and arrest a large number of HR members. All neat and tidy!

When she arrives at the judge's house, she walks right into the trap: Simmons (Robert John Burke), a few other HR goons, and a tarp, all ready for her body. But then something beautiful happens: she basically let's them know that she's not stupid enough to actually trust anyone, then Reese shoots his way through the door, and they drag Quinn out to take him to the FBI. Unfortunately, there will be plenty of dirty HR cops on the way there.

And... many fans did not want it to end there, what with the teasing of Fusco's possible demise in the previews!


  1. Very sorry if I was the only one who didn't buy the story line about 'Carter's ex', especially since I don't ever remember her mentioning him 'previously'. Had the 'feeling' Carter's character was going to be 'exiting' the show any way, as her 'facial expressions' gave it away for me at least. The last episode with Carter being shot, before that when 'Reese' choked up after repeating the same question he'd asked her in the 'beginning', then outside when Carter took that 'deep swallow' everything (along with the music) finally fell into place. As for her baby daddy returning, guess they figured they'd kill two birds with one stone, by taking out Carter's son to go be with his daddy (BUT the fact that she asked John to "check in on him from time to time", left me shaking my head). Would LOVE to see him return and follow in his mom's footsteps, and work along side Reese and Finch, but knowing the Creator and Writers that isn't going to happen. Will miss Taraji (Carter) oh so very much, and things really won't be the same without her.