Tuesday, November 26, 2013

'Almost Human' GifTweetCap: The Robromance #NexDor

Almost Human heats up the robromance over the course of the episode "Are you Receiving?" The message is loud and clear: Kennex feels a strong friendship love toward Dorian in a way that must always go unspoken, and Dorian loves Kennex in the way that androids "love" a great algorithm. Stay tuned for a second less common robromance combined name on one of the following gifs! You can vote for your favorite less common ship name for Jorian (and learn what that means) here.

Kennex begins his day legless, with an annoying but fantastic alarm clock beep. His synthetic leg is ready to go, once he applies a little de-squeaking olive oil as Dorian had recommended in the first episode. It's all part of his normal 2048 morning routine.
On the way to work, Kennex tricks Dorian into holding a couple of wires to warm his coffee to a perfect hotbot coffee temp, but Dorian gets him back by sticking his finger in it. Kennex doesn't seem to happy about getting "the finger," and judging from Dorian's offer to stick his finger "somewhere else," he may be correct in doubting its cleanliness.
Meanwhile, some criminals are busy breaking into a corporate building, and Dorian and Kennex are called out to help. The bad guys blow a hole in the floor, sending a few people flying. Maldonado orders Kennex and Dorian to get out of there, but Kennex fakes a little phone static as he and Dorian ascend the gazillion stairs toward the 25th floor where the villains are holding a group of hostages. Nice to know we will always be able to rely on the basics when tech stops working in the future. 
The cops jam all signals so the criminals can't communicate with anyone outside the building (which also shuts down elevators), but that causes all of the emergency calls to bounce to Dorian. Kennex can see something is going on when he sees Dorian's face literally light up. Kennex asks him to answer a few calls so they can find out what's going on.
Dorian begins by imitating a Portuguese woman, knowing that will sooth the panicky Portuguese woman at the other end. Kennex looks unnerved, so Dorian decides to play the android version of a prank by answering the next call with Kennex's voice, joking that he's an automated cop. The woman on the other side gives a slight chuckle-cry, then Dorian uses his light-up finger to transfer the call to Kennex.
The woman's name is Paige, and she's worried about her sister and the fact that the bad guys just shot up her coworker and threw him out a window to send a bloody message to the cops. It's a good thing the body bounces, so that those who watched in the early 8 p.m. time slot knew it was just a fake dummy.
The asshats will kill all the hostages if they don't get what they want. Their demands include the removal of all snipers, and something called a fission igniter, used to ignite megaton explosions. Rudy lends a hand by building a fake one that will pass a scan in order to buy them some time. 
In the process of ascending those 50 million stairs, some of the criminals begin shooting at our boys on the 15th floor, and Dorian gets popped in the head by a ricochet!
Kennex kills one of the scumbags, and he's wearing something called a "Face Maker." Since it was a white guy in a black face, does that qualify as blackface? The face was stolen from a real guy, too, which is even worse! It turns out that all the criminals are impersonating people from a radical group known as the Holy Reclamation Army.
Meanwhile, Dorian isn't doing too well. His injury causes him to collapse, and Keenex is forced to fix him using a dirty cotton swab and some toenail clippers. Dorian tries to help out, but Kennex doesn't know his colors. As he argues with Dorian about the 50 purple shades of brain in his forehead, he snips the wrong color, causing Dorian to break.
Kennex shares a secret with Paige as he attempts to fix Dorian: his middle name is Reginald, after some "old time singer" known as Elton John, whose real name "was" Reginald. His dad was a fan. A used up piece of gum does the trick to fix Dorian, and he's back in action! If that's not a full blown case of ro-bro love, nothin' is!
Paige is worried about her basket-case sister, and decides to sneak out and sit with her. She then asks to go to the bathroom, and places her phone closer to the d-bags so Kennex and Dorian can listen in. 
The head scumbag tells his buddy to call in another crew, confusing our guys. But then Kennex and Dorian piece it together. The pair had found a tiny "Start" disk on the guy Kennex killed, and Dorian realizes that it's a method of communication with an adjacent building. The only building worth stealing from has an abundant supply of palladium. The communication jamming has prevented the alarms in the other building from going off!
The criminals don't even want the fission igniter. It's all a diversion that will end with the explosion of a "light bomb" (nod to Fringe?), which will kill all the hostages! Dorian decides to go on a suicide mission, Die Hard style, climbing through vents and taking down criminals with the kind of efficiency only an android can obtain.
Dorian takes too many bullets, but Kennex is there to save his dear ro-bro by sneaking in with the Face Maker. What a clever hu-bro! Communication is also restored, trapping the rest of the criminals in the nearby building when the alarms go off.
Later, after a round of applause for the heroes, and an argument with Rudy over Dorian's gum-head, Kennex takes Dorian out for some celebratory noodles, his treat (Dorian doesn't eat). Dorian gets serious in the car, upset over the thought of almost dying. He knows it's not the same as a person dying, but Kennex gets it: "Dead is dead," no matter who you are.
To lighten up the mood, Dorian begins playing some Elton John: "Benny and the Jets," to be exact. Kennex is surprised when he realizes that Dorian heard him share his middle name, and annoyed when he begins breaking out in song. But he finally cracks a smile when Dorian calls him "Reginald."

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