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'Person of Interest' Gif-tweet-cap: Did That Just Happen?

Quick note: I was told my recaps would begin being published on Yahoo! TV again, but my last one was not reviewed at all. I guess they are still having issues. It's an exclusive, so I went ahead and deleted that one and used the text of it here (with a few modifications).

Warning: major series-arc spoilers ahead!

Fresh off the nerve-wracking ending of the first part of a three-part series of episodes, Person of Interest sends fans' falling off the edge of their chairs in suspense with the second part of the series, "The Crossing." Granted, the show may lose half its fans, but it won't be for lack of taking some enormous risks.
Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Carter (Taraji P. Henson) have finally snatched Quinn (Clarke Peters), the head of HR. Now they just have to make it to the FBI... with a city full of HR cops on the way. They begin by taking the subway.

Meanwhile, Simmons (Robert John Burke) is busy killing the judge (Paul O'Brien) who helped him trap Carter, and nearly kill her. He's got a great photo of Reese, and he plans on using it to send a deadly message to all the criminals and HR cops in the city: kill this guy, and we'll pay you lot's of money.

Finch (Michael Emerson) is the first to get the message, when the Machine gives him Reese's number. Reese has very little warning when Finch calls as a group of criminals is walking toward him. He wipes them out handily, but Quinn steals his phone during the chaos and destroys it. He's now cut off from his lifeline, and Carter already destroyed her own phone in the previous episode.

Shaw (Sarah Shahi) shows up at Fusco's (Kevin Chapman) place as he's tucking in his son, and let's him know that they've got work to do. Shaw tries to remind Finch that help would be much easier if Root (Amy Acker) were involved, since she talks directly to the Machine, but he'll have none of that. We also learn, via Root, that Reese is not Finch's first "helper monkey": he has cycled through possibly many others.

Reese and company move on to an ambulance to get through an HR checkpoint, but Simmons sees blood on the outside of the vehicle as they are driving through. Reese takes the wheel from the driver to speed through the barricade as Fusco shoots a few HR cops from the sidelines.

Unfortunately, Simmons gets a hold of Fusco during the ordeal, and orders his goons to beat the snot out of him. Carter has entrusted Fusco with the key to a safe deposit box that holds all the evidence against Quinn, and she made a great choice: Fusco merely cracks a few jokes as his blood is being spattered across the floor, and his fingers are being broken.
Meanwhile, Shaw is out trying to squeeze Fusco's location from an HR beat cop (Devin Ratray), and not having much luck. She even leaves the poor sap handcuffed by one hand to his steering wheel with a grenade in the other, and the pin to that grenade in the backseat of the car!

Fusco finally gives up a location when Simmons threatens to kill his child, but it's a lie: even with his child in danger, he knows what he may have to sacrifice for the well being of an entire city of people. Simmons orders both Fusco and his son (Sean McCarthy) to be killed.

Simmons's goon allows Fusco to say goodbye to his son while the shot rings out through the phone: but Shaw picks up on the other end! Fusco's kid is safe! Shaw made the correct decision by far, knowing that Fusco would want his son's life saved over his own.

Then a magical thing happens: Fusco breaks free from the handcuffs (it was easy to break his thumb, since his other fingers were broken anyway), and finally strangles the goon until the asshat takes his last breath, all while making an impressive stank-face. Fusco is safe!

Reese, not so much. Reese and Carter are holed up in a morgue. Reese finally shares his feelings, and kisses Carter on the lips! The "Careesers" (fans wanting a relationship between Carter and Reese) go nuts, but truth be told, it really seems more like a "you're my best friend in the whole world, and I just love you" sort of kiss rather than an "I'm in love with you" sort of kiss. Still, there are some extra tweets for the extraordinary freak-out from fans after the gif.

HR shows up, and there's no way out. Reese decides to draw their fire while Carter escapes with Quinn. With Finch's help, the plan works, and Quinn is arrested at the FBI headquarters! Reese is arrested by some "honest cops" that Finch found, but of course that is only temporary, since the honest guys have no idea who "the man in the suit" really is.
Some time passes, Carter gets her job back as detective, and all seems right with the world. Until those last couple of heart-wrenching minutes. Carter and Reese are sharing a moment with Finch nearby. Finch hears a pay phone ringing, and begins limping toward it as Reese and Carter are both shot in the chest by Simmons!

Reese's wound is not as serious, and he holds Carter in his arms as she cries out to talk to her son before she goes. He holds her tight as the life passes from her eyes. Finch stops in his tracks, having second thoughts about not involving Root. Well, it's too late now, buddy!

The show may have just stepped off a cliff right there. Carter was a fan favorite. Not as favored as Reese, but definitely high on the list, and certainly favored by far over Root and Shaw. The only consolation is that Taraji P. Henson, in an interview on the Late Show with David Letterman, said that she accepted the role knowing it was only temporary. She prefers movies over TV. Perhaps that's what all of our loveable characters signed on for.

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