Friday, December 6, 2013

'Grimm' GifTweetCap: Beware the 'El Cucuy' Before Stealing Purses from Old Ladies!

"Grimm" took a slightly different tack with the episode "El Cucuy," presenting a creature that straddles the lines between good and evil, Wesen and childhood bogeyman. It was a huge success by all accounts, with many fans listing El Cucuy as their favorite monster-of-the-week.
The episode begins with two asshats robbing a convenience store. Even though they're wearing masks, they decide to beat the cashier half to death, just for kicks.

The young cashier kid winds up in critical condition, with his mother crying and begging for justice at his bedside. A creature with disturbingly long nails decides to destroy some furniture in reaction to the news report about the case.

The asshats are at it again, soon after beating the poor kid. This time, the long-nailed creature is ready for them, ripping out one of their throats. The other robber tries to escape, but makes a wrong turn and flops around a bit before meeting his demise.

The neighbors are afraid to say anything to the cops, but one person mentions Ray Bolton, a guy who fights dogs had a beef against the robbers. Nick and Hank go to speak with him, but he's got a really bad attitude, big Höllentier Wesen fangs, little fear of Nick's Grimmness, and a scary-looking snake tattoo on his neck. Nick brings him in for trying to start a fight with him, as neighbor David Flores berates the cops for not doing something sooner about all the crime in the neighborhood.

Later, Nick and Hank enjoy dinner over crime scene photos with the rest of the gang to determine whether a Höllentier could have slashed the throats of the robbers. Rosalee and Monroe both agree that it's a distinct possibility. Plus, Höllentier are unafraid of Grimm because they're too stupid to know when they're in trouble... such as when old-time Höllentier thought they were being promoted by being buried with a Pharaoh.

When the large-clawed creature kills another criminal who was trying to attack a woman, the woman claims that the creature that saved her was "El Cucuy." Nick decides to bring Juliette to the Spanish-speaking Pilar to see if she knows what that's all about. Pilar says that El Cucuy has yellow eyes and foul breath, and answers the cries of women in sorrow, such as the mom of the poor cashier who had been badly beaten.
Nick then brings Juliette to Aunt Marie's trailer to help him find mention of such a creature in his many inherited Grimm conquest books. They are unable to find anything, but Juliette seems overly excited reading about the gruesome stories of strange Wesen, and their deaths at the hands of Nick's Grimm ancestors. She looks like a kid reading fairy tales, and Nick obviously thinks she's adorable.

Hank and Nick realize that a nice old lady had been at both crime scenes, so they pick her up to look at some crime scene photos at the precinct as she flirts with Nick.
Meanwhile, Bolton is released and decides to take some of his thug friends to go beat up Flores for causing trouble. Poor Flores, who lives with his mom and has PTSD from the war, is furious that Bolton was released at all. He decides to take matters into his own hands, so his mom calls the cops to stop him from making a mistake.
Hank and Nick take a detour to Bolton's place with the older woman still in the car. Bolton beats Flores again before running inside to get away from the cops, at which point El Cucuy rips his throat out right before Nick and Hank walk in. She switches back to human form, then begins playing dumb. They don't have any way to prove that she did it, and she's just a sweet old lady who has completed her job of helping people in the neighborhood anyway.

While she is still at the precinct, gramma hears some new cries of women in need, and gets right back to work slashin' d-bag throats the moment she's released. What a lovely happy -- and gruesome -- ending. Everybody wins.

On a side note, Adalind has an ultrasound, wherein she learns that the one baby in her belly has two hearts. And Renard's lackey sends him visual proof that Adalind is alive and with child. He may be a daddy to a brand new Hexen-psycho-biest!
On another note, Monroe's mom calls while he's doing some Pilates. Rosalee wonders if Monroe ever told his Blutbad wolf mom that he's with a Fuchsbau foxy girl, but he has not. That will be a very interesting conversation at some point.

Concurrently, Juliette wonders about the "M" who wrote that she loves Nick in the email she read in the last email. Nick confirms that it's just his mother (although it would have been fun if it had been Moriarty for Elementary fans who followed a similar storyline on another network). Juliette had been in the hospital the whole time mama Grimm had been around, so he tells her the whole story. 
Later, Juliette drinks a bit too much coffee, and spends all her spare time tracking the IP of Nick's kick-ass mom. She's in Slovenia, on the way to Greece!

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