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'Person of Interest' GifTweetCap: It's Payback Time in 'The Devil's Share'

Fans are reeling from the loss of Det. Carter on Person of Interest, and now, in episode "The Devil's Share," it's time for payback. Having Carter back on the show would be much more preferable, but what are ya gonna do? They already killed her off, dammit, and it just sucks. The gif caps won't stop, however, so you can always count on more anigifs and tweets for your viewing pleasure. By the way, this recap contains many more tweets than usual because of all the twists and turns and high emotion of the episode. The mood swings contained in the tweets are actually pretty interesting!
Bear sits beside Reese as he recovers from his gunshot wound (the wound he got from Simmons, when Carter was shot and died in his arms). He's not going to take it lying down, however, even though he misses Carter's funeral.
Shaw knows how to deal out vengeance as well, and as the less-bedridden of the two, she gets straight to work beating some goon with a photo of Simmons (and her fist).
Now it's Reese's turn. Three more goons collect a payment from evil tyrant Simmons for some presumably devious deeds, and take off by gas-guzzling SUV. They count their happy fortunes, until BAM! Reese sends the SUV flying, then demands to know Simmons' location from their sorry dumb asses.
Fusco is worried that "tall, dark and deranged" (Reese) will make Simmons harder to find with his "scorched earth" approach. They track down Shaw, who in turn had tracked down Reese's latest victim. He says Quinn knows where Simmons is, which leads to another contact who knows where to find Quinn.  Reese and the Russians had both already caught up with him, but the Russians killed him. The only person who can help them now is Root. 
Shaw pushes Finch to release Root, but she nearly regrets it when Root directs all of her driving and everything else, even in complete darkness. Talk about a backseat driver!
When they arrive at their destination, Root introduces her brand of crazy full force, leaving Fusco's mouth wide open. That bi*ch knows everything! Perhaps it's difficult not to be completely nuts when delusions of grandeur are confirmed by a disembodied voice on the phone.
They wonder whether Reese made it to the party when, BOOM! Yep, that must be him! Explosions are a Reese-ism that immediately gives away his location.
It's Reese against SWAT, and Reese wins. He gets right to work, knocking people out and finding his intermediate prey (Quinn), who will hopefully write down the location of Reese's ultimate asshat goal (Simmons). Reese will kill Quinn either way, but Quinn must choose between giving away Simmons' location for a quick shot to the head, or saying nothing for a drawn-out torture session that will make him wish he was dead.
Our gang makes their way to Reese with Root's help, and Shaw thinks Root's precision two-handed firing is "hot." Nothing like a little crazy to disable all the bad guys in your path!
When Finch finally arrives at Quinn's last rites, Reese is in pretty bad shape. Finch attempts to take Reese's gun, but he's not gonna give it up that easy! He fires on Quinn, but it's a flop: he's out of bullets, and about to pass out.
Fusco is one of the last to walk out of the room, and notices a piece of paper on the floor. It's Simmons' location! Reese really did put the fear of God into Quinn!
Fusco keeps the location to himself, and tracks down Simmons. Simmons clearly wants and expects Fusco to put a bullet in his brain, but Fusco takes the more torturous route with him: making him feel like a complete dumbshizzle by kicking his ass.
He beats the crap out of Simmons, then gives him a fantastic monologue about why killing Carter was the stupidest thing he ever could have done. All she ever did was good, and in honor of her, Fusco arrests Simmons rather than killing him.
That's right, Simmons lives… a little longer. That is, until Elias gets his hands on him. Elias has his own memorable monologue about the amazing Det. Carter, but he is not bound by ethics. Elias will never stop being a bad guy, even if he respects the good people, such as Carter. Simmons isn't worth getting Elias' hands dirty, however. He just sits back and watches one of his goons get the job done. How fitting.
On a side note, we get some backstory on each character with flashbacks for each of them. Two of them contain interesting tidbits about three of the characters:

Shaw used to be Dr. Shaw, but was let go because she was unable to show feelings for her patients. She was brilliant, and always got the job done, but could not be trusted when saving a life required an emotional response rather than a logical one. Her emotionless bluntness was also a problem when speaking with the families of deceased loved ones. 
Reese was interviewed (in an interrogation format) for a dangerous secret government assassin job, but already had the job: he had been sent to kill the interviewer for spilling secrets. Seems that killing had been easy for him for a long time.
Fusco went to a therapist after shooting someone. He wasn't sorry though. After ensuring he had doctor-client privilege, he admitted to killing an unarmed man who deserved it for all the pain he had caused.

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