Tuesday, December 24, 2013

'Grimm' GifTweetCap: Is Nick Becoming 'Cold Blooded'?

Grimm had a blow-out two-episode midseason finale last week, beginning with "Cold Blooded." That's two -- count 'em two -- monsters of the week in one week! The second is "Twelve Days of Krampus."

The first monster is a sewer-dwelling alligator man with a mouth full of teeth, and he enjoys stealing objects for hoarding in his little tunnel alcove. Unfortunately, a kid comes home during the creature's latest burglary, and gets shaken to death, losing an arm in the process.
The next victim is Jimmy, a city worker who just happens to have a blockage-clearing job right near the alligator Wesen's home. He leaves his sandwich to go get the job done, but it doesn't quite work out the way he expected. The pulley Jimmy's attached to is cranked to the max as he's pulled and shaken to death, losing a leg in the process.
Nick, Hank and Wu are called in to find the criminal, but Wu is the first to find some evidence: it's Jimmy's leg!
Wu is terrified that alligators are the culprits. He admits to having peed the bathtub as a child because of his fear of alligators. If he only knew what was really going on. He'd be soiling himself all day long! Perhaps it's best he not know the truth.
Monroe is doing dinner and doesn't have time for Wesen talk, but decides that he would have time as long as Nick brings his trailer books over to the house for a nice cozy Grimm-book reading party. It's quite the occasion, and the gang decides that the alligator-man must be a Gelumcaedus Wesen, one if the oldest known Wesen. They used to protect aqueducts back in the day.
The best defense is something called a vambrace, which Nick happens to have hiding out in the trailer... He just never knew what it was for. Hank decides to stick with his rifle while Nick tests out the vambrace. Both men seem to have an overly-excited testosterone reaction to the sight of the large blade popping out of the weapon.
Nick and Hank go back down to the tunnels to search for the Gelumcaedus, and they find him fairly quickly. His name is Gregorek, which seems to fit the large, terrifying creature. Nick doesn't get to use his fat blade though... The only action his vambrace sees is a fat jaw clenching. Before they take him into the precinct, Gregorek sees Nick's true form, but the usual surprised "Grimm!" Is replaced with "Decapitare!"
Nick calls up Monroe while he's "knee-deep" in fixing a clock to ask the meaning of "Decapitare." Monroe says that's the old-time name for a Grimm, as in "one who decapitates."
Unfortunately, the Gelumcaedus has a brother, and Hank is abducted while Gregorek is still locked up. Hank unwittingly becomes a damsel-in-distress, up for trade in return for Gregorek.
Nick is surprised to learn that Gregorek actually has two brothers, but they're no match for him. This time, Nick puts his vambrace to good use: killing the alligator brothers, and living up to his name as the decapitare. Gregorek is the only survivor, and is sent back to jail. Nick seems to be more pleased with himself than usual at the fact that he got to decapitate a couple of scumbags.
Meanwhile, Renard is hanging out with the resistance, despite the fact that he's half royal. Not everyone trusts him, however. Renard gets a dangerous twitch, showing that he's affected by the death of someone on the other side. The reaction does not go unnoticed, but a quick smile afterward eases fears.
Adalind is also up to her usual odd behavior, continuing to rub on some rotting-Frau-corpse-blood-cream, which takes the shape of a spider on her pregnant belly. Unbeknownst to her, there is a spy cam in her room, and her every action is being watched by her royal hosts.

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