Friday, December 13, 2013

'Grimm' GifTweetCap: Demon or Wesen?

Quick note: I'm late once again, but the hilarious tweets are worth the late read. Once again, the pieces were finished last week, but I just couldn't get it published until right before the latest episode. My timing will be much better after the holidays!

The Grimm episode "Stories We Tell Our Young" was extra creepy, and not really the type of thing the younguns should be watching. The big question was whether the 9-year-old monster of the week was an evil Wesen, or something much more dark and terrible. 
The monster in question is a boy named Daniel who has no idea that he is a monster. From the looks on his parents' faces, however, there is clearly something wrong here. They ominously hand their son over to a Monsignor as the boy voices his fear. We immediately get the sense that an exorcism is afoot.
The parents worst fears seem to be validated when their son turns evil-faced, and begins throwing people around like rag dolls. The Monsignor is killed, and his seminary student sidekick is injured. The only thing missing is projectile green vomit and a spinning-top head.
When Nick and Hank are called to the scene, Nick finds Daniel hiding in a cabinet. He's taken to the hospital and sedated, but that isn't quite enough to keep the little demon-bugs at bay.
Later, Daniel terrifies a nurse who is innocently tending to his meds. That would be a great party trick if it was only a prank!
Unfortunately, it's definitely not a prank in the Grimm world, and even Nick looks as if he's about to pee his pants when he sees the face of the demon child. Hank sees the child's demon-face too, indicating that he is not a typical Wesen (if he's even a Wesen at all).
On a quick side note, Juliette mindlessly puts her shoes in a drawer, which Nick seems to find strange. Now, some people do that regularly, but having the moment stand out seems to mean that something may be wrong with Juliette. Could this be the beginning of a new story arc?
Back to deviled-Daniel. Monroe and Rosalee believe the boy may be a rare Wesen-like creature called a Grausen. Nobody knows what they are, but have speculated that they could be mutated Wesen or actual demons. One thing for sure is that they are always to be kept a secret.
Another sure thing is that any Wesen who does not report the creature to the Wesen Counsel could be in serious trouble. Monroe wants to keep the situation quiet for Daniel's sake, but Rosalee fights him on it. She calls up the Counsel, then gives their hitman the boy's location.
Juliette helps Nick figure out what could really be going on: the boy may be infected with something he picked up during the family's travels. He had only been having a problem for about a year, which lines up with a trip they took in which Daniel swam in lakes and streams that could have contained contaminants.
Just as Nick and Juliette show up to test Juliette's theory, and hopefully, discover a cure, the Counsel beast shows up at Daniel's bedside. Daniel wakes and punches out the hitman before he can do anything, and runs off into the freezing cold forest wearing only his jammies.
When Juliette and Nick locate Daniel, Juliette realizes that the cold may be just what Daniel needs to rid himself of the Wesen-like-protozoa. Sure enough, the sick little creatures begin streaming out of Daniel's nose a few moments later. 
Nick later convinces the Wesen Counsel hitman that he no longer has to kill little children over old wives tales of demonic-possession-Wesen. The boy is cured, and he can go home and rest easy.
Nick then draws up an image, and details his account of the strange demon-possession-booger-Wesen, complete with correct spelling of chemical terms, provided by Juliette.
Meanwhile, Renard claims to be going on vacation to Tahiti, when he's actually off to Vienna to settle family affairs after having his brother killed. For his own protection, his loyalist pal brings him to a "safe house" above a sewer. Renard isn't too happy about the smell, and even less happy about the prospect of traipsing through the narrow sewer tunnel in the event that things go south. 
Well, things do go very wrong when two hitmen try to wipe him out. Luckily, they removed a stair so that any bad guys would trip before reaching them. Renard snaps one of their necks, and his loyalist knocks out the other guy. After escaping through the tunnel, Renard calls for someone to come get him out of there, but what happens next is left for the 2-hour midseason finale. Oh, and Adalind gets to meet the new prince, but his identity is also left for the next episode.