Tuesday, December 24, 2013

'Grimm' GifTweetCap: Santa Claws is Coming to Town!

The second episode in the two-episode midseason finale (the first was "Cold Blooded") was "Twelve Days of Krampus," a Christmas special about an evil Santa. This Santa is a Wesen with a bad attitude and a big appetite!
The episode starts with two grinch-kids stealing a bunch of presents. "Santa Claws" doesn't take too kindly to that, and decides to nab them and put them in his bag-o-kiddies before leaving a lump of coal. He's unable to reach one of them, however, as the other kid has hidden in a crunched car. Instead, Wu finds him, initially believing he is reaching for a dead body.
The next time Santa strikes at the heart of naughtiness, he's spotted by a bystander.
Nick and Hank have some trouble finding the Santa culprit, chasing after and arresting the first Wesen-Santa Nick spots. Of course, the whole debacle is recorded on a phone, and Juliette later chides Nick for being on TV arresting Santa.
Santa continues his rampage, against the naughty, stuffing children into ornament baskets for his version of a Christmas tree. That's one way to get into the holiday spirit!
Monroe, Rosalee, and Bud get in on the act, with Monroe and Rosalee deducing that "Santa Claws" is a Krampus Wesen who will keep the children in the tallest tree at the tallest spot in town before eating them and leaving at midnight, and Bud knowing the location of the tallest spot in town.
The entire gang goes out to find the tree, initially having believed it to be a legend. But there it is, a tree full of kids, ready to be devoured. As they begin saving the kids, Nick uses his newfound super-hearing to hear Krampus in the distance. He fights with the Krampus until the creature grabs him by the neck. At this point, zombie-Nick makes an appearance, knocking out the Krampus with a single punch.
Unfortunately, the Krampus doesn't even know he's a Krampus. Once midnight passes, he's just a regular guy, completely dumbfounded and seemingly innocent. They have no choice but to let the poor guy go, simply keeping an eye on him until next year rolls around and he begins collecting young children, once again.
Meanwhile, Monroe gets Juliette's help in surprising Rosalee with "a few" Christmas decorations. Unfortunately, Rosalee hates the holiday, because her favorite aunt and uncle were killed in a car accident when they were on their way to Rosalee's family's house on Christmas.
Later, Monroe tries to fix the situation by taking down all the decorations, making Rosalee feel even worse with guilt over Monroe's sweetness.
After a talk with Juliette, Rosalee decides to create some new Christmas traditions that she can share with Monroe. One tradition Rosalee remembered from childhood was when her aunt would leave out beer and a cigar for Santa in lieu of milk and cookies. She redecorates the house, adding her own family's tradition to the mix, in honor of her favorite aunt.
Meanwhile, Renard is still off taking care of family business after the death of his brother. He has learned that Adalind is pregnant, and that the child could very well be his. He visits Adalind's room, and spots the corpse-blood-cream Adalind uses on her pregnant belly. Not knowing what he's getting himself into, he goes into full Hexenbiest woge after sniffing the putrid stuff. He then leaves a note, informing her of the snoop-cam, and telling her to meet with him later.

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