Monday, December 30, 2013

'Person of Interest' GifTweetCap: Finch and Reese Are SO DONE!

"Person of Interest" continues with the episode "Lethe," minus Det. Carter. Fans won't forget her for a long time, and the characters are not forgetting about her either. Everything has changed. It is almost as if we are watching a new series.

The two characters most visibly affected by Carter's death are Reese and Finch. Reese reacts by drinking and ignoring people in need. Finch reacts by no longer answering pay phones calling out via the Machine with new numbers.
Root has not shirked her responsibilities to the Machine, however, continuing to receive numbers despite being locked up in a part of the library with supposedly no form of digital communication with the outside world.
The number revealed by Root belongs to Arthur Claypool (Saul Rubinek, from Warehouse 13, yay!), a terminally ill patient at a hospital with a brain tumor. One side effect of the tumor is trying to convince his doctors that he's not crazy by rambling on about things that sound crazy.
Shaw, undercover as a doctor, realizes that Claypool isn't so crazy after all when she notices that the Secret Service is protecting him. He is clearly important to the government, and his broken brain must contain some dangerous secrets! Evidence that Claypool is holding important information is confirmed when one of the secret service agents is poisoned by his Chinese food while questioning Shaw (who had been caught snooping on Claypool).
After the agent's death, Shaw immediately gets to work trying to convince Claypool and his wife Diane to come with her to safety. Claypool is unconvinced that either Shaw or Diane (whom he doesn't even recognize) are trying to help him. Then Finch walks in, and Claypool's face lights up. Shaw and Diane are both surprised to find that the two men are old friends.
As the group escapes the hospital, they realize who is after them: Vigilance, the group that has been trying to protect people's privacy by dropping lots of bodies of those who don't agree with them. Shaw lays down some cover fire from the window of the escape vehicle.
It turns out that Claypool was working on his very own Machine called Samaritan. The Samaritan project was discontinued, and Claypool's machine destroyed, when someone else "got there first" (Finch does not mention that he was the one who got there first).
It all goes sideways when Claypool suddenly remembers that his wife is dead. The woman posing as Diane is an impostor! She calls in her goons, revealing that she is part of "Control," Shaw's old organization that used to pull numbers from the Machine separately. Not only that, Fake Mrs. Claypool is the boss lady, and threatens to kill the either Finch or Claypool! The first man to hand over the location of the technology behind their respective machines gets to live. And then the episode ends, leaving us hangin' by a thread!
Meanwhile, Fusco tries to convince Reese to rejoin the team. He begins by sitting down for a drink, minus the alcohol. The tough-guys-don't-drink look Fusco gives Reese after putting in his order is priceless.
Reese refuses to stop drowning his sorrows in booze, so Fusco offers to straighten him out the only way Reese will listen to reason: by attempting to kick his ass. But this is Reese we're talking about: he doesn't need to be sober to win a fight.
The two men get out their aggression as best the can before getting caught by the cops. Oops!
Throughout the episode, we also get glimpses of Finch as a kid. As a young boy in 1969, he was already under the impression that machines would be built better if the builders did not intend you to open them up and take them apart.
As a slightly older boy in 1971, we learn why Finch built the Machine: because his father had a degenerative disease, and Finch wanted to figure out a way to store all of his dad's memories in a machine so he would never again forget anything.
By the time Finch was a teen in 1979, he was hacking payphones to make free calls to Paris in order to impress his friends, and his dad was wandering off and forgetting where he was.

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