Wednesday, January 8, 2014

'Almost Human' GifTweetCap: Dorian has Low-Charge PMS!

"Simon Says" is probably the best episode of Almost Human to date, and not because of the main plot of the episode. It's yummy goodness is entirely due to Dorian's off-kilter personality. As such, I had originally devoted all of the gifs to Dorian, or Kennex's reactions to Dorian's behavior. I figured I should add a few about the plot, so I wound up with 50% more gifs than usual. By the way, I wrote a second Teen Wolf recap the same night, in case you'd like to check out that one as well.

Det. Paul announces a solar flare has caused rolling blackouts, and they will be forced to consume less energy for a few days. As the man in charge of energy consumption, he has given charge priority to certain androids. Dorian soon enters and decks Paul for giving priority to the "superior" MXs.
Dorian says it's Paul's fault, as having half a charge makes him a bit emotional, but he appologizes for hitting Paul anyway. Meanwhile, Kennex thinks it's hilarious.
Although he appologized, Dorian can't help but laugh at a joke directed at Paul. Kennex blames the behavior on the half charge, using some humorous facial expressions.
In the car, Dorian pleads with Kennex to let him live at his place, so he doesn't have to deal with this crap, but Kennex refuses. His only free room is his "trophy room," which displays his college victories. Dorian wants him to grow up already, but all Kennex is compelled to offer up the story of his glory days, when he was labeled the "White Cheetah," on account of being so fast. Dorian promptly falls asleep, but Kennex wakes him and repeats the painfully embarrassing story which he deems as awesome.
Meanwhile, a guy offering a car window wash sprays a man named Ramon (Alessandro Juliani, who was awesome as Gaeta on Battlestar Galactica) with drugs to knock him out. When Ramon wakes, he finds himself wearing a bomb collar. He must follow instructions in order to get the code for the collar. The instructions include robbing a bank and evading police. That doesn't stop Kennex and Dorian, however. They catch Ramon, dooming the poor guy to an explosive death. There's nothing they can do, so they put up a fancy shield to protect themselves. 
Simon, the weirdo who killed Ramon (Get it? Simon Says? Yeah, I know, kinda dumb), recorded the whole thing for a "dark net," unpatrolled Internet site, and gets off on the accolades of other creeps who enjoy watching people die.
This is where viewers began comparing the episode to many other shows and movies.
Kennex pulls evidence from Ramon's car, including the Bitcoin (I just have to say, that's ridiculous! No way Bitcoin will be anything other than play money in the future, but whatever… minor gripe) drive containing the money robbed from the bank, and a data recorder sent to Rudy for decoding. Dorian has major disco face about the Bitcoin drive, indicating he's thinking harder than normal about the evidence to make it sink in.
Back at Rudy's lab, Dorian goes through some color-shifty eyes as he listens to Rudy and Kennex speaking about the evidence. 
Kennex wonders whether the "happy toaster's" outbursts are cause for major concern, but Rudy assures him that it's only temporary. Dorian doesn't like that they're talking about him, so he throws a mini-tantrum.
Creepy guy Simon kidnaps another person (the daughter of a man-made flower store-owner), and the new feed for the live broadcast is brought up at the precinct. Simon forces her to dance in a gazebo while holding a boquet of flowers, but Kennex and Dorian show up to save the day. They manage to disarm the bomb as the Kennex and the damsel in distress discuss Simon's nerdy creepiness. Simon's "fans" have a field day making fun of Simon, pissing him off to no end. Dorian celebrates their victory by bringing Kennex and the girl in for a group hug, albeit a bit too aggressively.
Back at the precinct, the gang goes over what they know, but Dorian can't stop his emotional meltdown. He even laughs heartily at Paul's lame jokes, trying to make up for punching him.
When they arrive at an area where they believe Simon may be located, Kennex refuses to allow Dorian and his emotional state to be involved. Instead, he suggests Dorian and Paul "hug it out," while goes in alone.
Of course, Kennex is nabbed by Simon, later waking up on a bench with a bomb collar. Simon targeted Kennex because he was accepted back on the force despite a poor psych evaluation. Simon, meanwhile, was rejected from the force for a similarly poor eval. In fact, Simon's whole reason for killing people has to do with the fact that each of his victims rejected him in some way.
Simon threatens to blow the collar if the cops come close, if Kennex warns anyone, or if innocent bystanders are evacuated. Kennex must disarm the collar himself. He initially has some trouble, but barely grabs a token that will serve to separate the wires, proving why he was allowed back in the field. This only upsets Simon, who doesn't much like being one-upped by Kennex-the-brave-hero all the time.
Simon has a dead-man's switch with cameras all around, preventing the cops from approaching or taking him out with a sniper rifle. But Dorian is able to calculate a path to Simon's location that evades cameras, and involves climbing up a clock tower as if he's Spider-Man. Simon decides to blow the collar early as Kennex is about to win Simon's disturbing little game by disarming the collar, but Dorian saves the day by electrocuting Simon and grabbing the dead-man's switch.
Earlier, Rudy had voiced his depression over being lonely all the time. So, Kennex hands Dorian over to Rudy, at his new charging station in Rudy's lab. Rudy becomes overly excited, dreaming up all sorts of fun times they will have together, going to clubs and meeting women. Dorian subtly pleads for help, which Kennex clearly thinks is hilarious. He gives Dorian a thumbs-up for being pulled into his epic prank-of-all-pranks. Dorian got Punk'd!

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