Wednesday, January 15, 2014

'Grimm' GifTweetCap: Awkward Moments for Hank and Juliette!

"Grimm" makes things personal for Hank in the episode "Eyes of the Beholder," when Zuri (Sharon Leal), Hank's (Russell Hornsby) physical therapist and love interest, becomes involved in his newest case. Hank fans, rejoice, for there are plenty of awesome -- and highly awkward -- Hank moments!
A friendly kid named Jared (Dalpre Grayer) makes plans with Joy (Meredith Adelaide), his waitress girlfriend, as he draws a cute image of her at the diner where she works, and where he now sits.
On his way out, he witnesses a gruesome beating of a Jaguar Wesen (Yaguaraté). He attempts to intervene, only to realize that may not be such a good idea. He takes off just as someone else comes out of the diner, causing the criminals to run off.
Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank go to the apartment of the owner of the car that was seen driving off just after the crime took place, but Zuri opens the door. Zuri is her middle name, and the car is in her name: Tyler Ellis. She lives with her brother Jared, who arrives home with groceries, and takes off running as soon as he sees the cops. Hank has to pull Zuri away as she attempts to prevent Nick from arresting Jared. Awkward!
Jared is too afraid to say anything, so Nick and Hank try another route: Mercedes (Jen Van Epps), the surviving girlfriend of the man who was beaten to death. When Nick spells out the gory details of what happened to her boyfriend, she goes into woge, then freaks when she sees that Nick is a Grimm. He threatens to come back as a Grimm, rather than a cop, and she spills and tells him the name of the gang that was involved: the Seventh Street Savages.
Rosalee (Bree Turner) straightens Nick and Hank out on the inner workings of Wesen gangs from the time she was a drug addict. Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) is a bit surprised, but he didn't used to be so great either!
After the gang breaks into Zuri's apartment while she's on the phone with Hank, Renard (Sasha Roiz) offers to place them in protective custody. Jared decides to go the stupid route when he sneaks a call to his girlfriend, then learns that the gang has kidnapped her. As soon as he shows up at her house, they drag him in. As the gang member known as Dread (Gino Anthony Pesi) is about to kill him, he turns into a jaguar and attacks. He's just a nice kid though, not a killer; he only knocks the guy out.
Jared saves his girlfriend, but the creep wakes up and tries to shoot him this time. Zuri shows up at the last second, woges into a jaguar, and rips the guy's throat out. When Hank and Nick interrupt her feeding frenzy, she sees that Nick is a Grimm, and Hank is not surprised by any of this. Hank pleads with Nick to not arrest her, since she was simply saving her brother the Wesen way. Nick agrees to say they found them that way.
Meanwhile, Nick tells Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) that her friend Alicia (Alicia Lagano) is a Wesen, but tells her not to say anything, and to "act natural."
Of course, she becomes awkward, and eventually tells her that she knows. Alicia becomes very upset, and decides to leave.
Juliette decides to get some advice from Monroe and Rosalee on what to do, but in doing so, she interrupts a beautiful cello piece by Monroe. Rosalee is in swoon mode until the doorbell rings.
Rosalee explains that it's extremely difficult for Wesen to "come out." Many are highly embarrassed by the prospect. Juliette initially attempts to go slow with it, but becomes frustrated and decides to blow it wide open and tell Alicia that Nick is a Grimm.
As she tries to leave, Nick stops her to attempt an explanation. Just then, Alicia's Klaustreich Wesen (alley cat) nut job husband Joe (Tom Walton) walks up and decks Nick, knocking him out with a single punch. So much for those souped-up zombie-Grimm powers!
Joe knocks Alicia and Juliette around a bit, but Juliette fights through it all. At one point, she hits him with a frying pan. He goes into woge in order to frighten her, but she shows him she's not impressed and hits him again. Then she really gets her ninja on, eventually hitting him with enough objects to get him on the ground. Seeing Juliette turn the fight in her direction, Alicia finally feels powerful enough to join in until he's pretty well incapacitated.
Then Nick comes in while Joe is still in woge, and Joe freaks out, seeing that Nick is a Grimm. Nick finally arrests the bastard.
Alicia finally realizes that Nick and Juliette just want to help, and she goes full woge in front of Juliette to show her true Wesen self, in all its adorable glory. Juliette immediately goes in for the reassuring hug.

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