Tuesday, January 14, 2014

'Elementary' GifTweetCap: Bell is Back!

"Elementary" brings back Bell for the episode "All in the Family." Many fans worried that Bell may be back simply to say goodbye, and we didn't find out whether he was back for good until the end. Bell is a well-loved, fan-favorite character, so the episode really built up a great deal of stress in fans until the end.
The episode opens with Sherlock and Watson all dressed up, confronting a suspect.

It's actually a mini-case, wherein the owner of an art exhibit believed there was about to be a theft at the opening.  Sherlock solves the heist by demanding to see the suspect's leg. The goods are hidden in a secret compartment within the leg. Sherlock's new police collaborator, Det. Nash, manages to take all the credit for himself without doing any of the work, frustrating Sherlock and Watson to no end.
Meanwhile, Bell is working his new job counterterrorism job with the Demographic unit, and is called out to check some mysterious barrels that have shown up out of nowhere. Bell quickly finds a headless torso in one of the barrels.
Sherlock and Watson are soon on the case. The victim, "Handsome Bobby Pardillo," had been in the mob. His father says they stayed out of sight lately, communicating through email that appeared to be insurance spam. He also seems especially upset that his son did not have a proper burial.
Sherlock offers to work half the time for Demographics, which infuriates Bell. He still hasn't forgiven Sherlock for indirectly causing his injury, and Sherlock just rubs it in, calling Bell a "number cruncher."
Sherlock deduces that the killer is left-handed, which lines up with what Watson had found. Using her knowledge of the mob from when she followed the mob families as if they were a soap opera back when she was a kid, she comes up with a possible killer: a left-handed man named Dante Scalice. Watson and Sherlock start their investigation into him by digging through his trash. Looks as if Sherlock takes the paper trash, while Watson takes the dirty trash.

Scalice catches them snooping, and asks them to leave. As they are leaving, he hops into his car and.... BOOM!

Turns out the NSA was pulling the emails and phone records between Handsome Bobby and his father using PRISM, and sending them off to Scalice so he could triangulate the son's location and kill him. The NSA guy who Sherlock knows to be responsible refuses to help on that score, so Sherlock offers to subscribe him to "plushie" newsletters. Either way, they have proof that Scalise killed Bobby. Scalise's cupboard contains Bobby's head, dissolved in battery acid in a bucket.
In order to find Scalise's killer, Sherlock tests out the explosive used in the car bomb... in his freezer, giving Watson a near heart-attack.
Unfortunately, working with explosives can make it difficult to reach for a ringing cell phone.
A NSA agent meets with Sherlock to inform him that DeSilva, Bell's boss at Demographics, was the person who requested the emails and documents that were later sent to Scalice. When he informs Bell that his boss may be dirty, Bell just about loses it. They have a huge argument in which Sherlock gives Bell some tough love, and tells him about his drug addiction.
Bell finally considers the idea that his boss may be crooked, and proves that he is with just a little snooping. It turns out that DeSilva set the whole thing up. He wanted a mob war because he had been helping the Pardillo family for many years. The construction union has as well, but a new union election would throw all of his dealings out in the open because the new union rep is a reformist. With a mob war (and possibly the death of the leader, papa Pardillo), those dealings would never surface.
Bell tricks his boss by telling him the car bomb has been tracked to Pardillo, and that Gregson will be bringing him in soon. Da Silva calls up Pardillo to meet, and is arrested when the cops catch him preparing to murder Pardillo.
At the end of the episode, Bell moves back to his desk, while the arrogant Det. Nash moves back to where he came from.
Capping it off, Bell gives a nod of approval when he spots Sherlock and Watson walking past. Ahh, everything is back to normal!

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