Saturday, January 4, 2014

'Elementary' GifTweetCap: Moriarty is 'The Diabolical Kind'

Moriarty returns for the Elementary episode "The Diabolical Kind"! The title fits, as Moriarty proves just how diabolical she can be.
A small group of people in scary-looking night vision goggles and black clothing break into a home, kill a husband and father, then kidnap his daughter. Poor girl is terrified!
Meanwhile, Sherlock pulls out letters from Moriarty he has hidden with his bees. He's still writing to her!

Later, when Sherlock and Watson arrive at the scene of the murder-kidnapping, they find that the family had a state of the art security system. The kidnappers call the mother with their demand for $50 million, but Sherlock recognizes the voice as the man who had pretended to be Moriarty (or as Sherlock calls him, "Fauxiarty," played by Andrew Howard) in order to protect the real Moriarty's identity.
Gregson arranges a meeting with Moriarty. Sherlock is worried to find that she has been given concessions in return for information. He warns FBI Agent Ramses Mattoo (Faran Tahir), the only person allowed to communicate with Moriarty, that Moriarty is extremely dangerous. Mattoo insists that, as a gay man, he is immune from her charms.
As the gang walks into Moriarty's fancy cell, Moriarty rudely greets Sherlock with, "You look a bit tired." Quick-witted Sherlock responds with, "You look a bit evil." That evil is apparent when Joan is unnerved to find a giant excellent but creepy painting with her likeness leaning against the wall. Is Moriarty obsessed with Watson? Of course, she denies any involvement in the child's abduction, but agrees to share information about "Fauxiarty" and her other cohorts.
Watson's a bit upset to learn that Sherlock has been sharing details about his companions, including Watson's love life, with Moriarty. That wouldn't be such a problem if Moriarty were still locked in a maximum security prison. Even worse, Mattoo walks her out of her fancy cell and right into the precinct. Sherlock is amazed at the FBI's stupidity.

Moriarty gives the cops some sketches of the probable kidnappers, then requests to see the crime scene. Watson agrees to accompany her so she can ask about why Moriarty seems to be obsessed with her. Moriarty concedes that she is obsessed, but only because she doesn't understand the non-sociopathic Watson. She says that she will tire of the obsession once she gains satisfactory understanding, and insists that Sherlock will also tire of her for the same reasons because Moriarty is the only person he can relate to.

Sherlock is frustrated that none of the names and sketches Moriarty has supplied lead anywhere. In his frustration, he pulls out a rotary-dial phone so he can hang up on people "with more emphasis," all while speaking French.

Sherlock becomes even more frustrated when Watson shares her belief that Sherlock still has feelings for Moriarty. Still, he later admits that she was right.

Later, Moriarty's old pals kill a couple of cops just so they can steal their phones and look at Moriarty's sketches of them.

It turns out that they needed to see the sketches because Moriarty hid numbers in their sketch-stubble. Sherlock is furious when he deduces that the sketches are messages, knowing that Moriarty must be involved in the kidnapping. Her denial only serves to infuriate Sherlock further.

After her entirely predicted betrayal, Mattoo brings Moriarty back to her fancy room. Of course, Moriarty is much smarter than the agents. She figures out a way to escape by cutting the link of her electronic cuffs with glass, cutting herself in the process. She then proceeds to strangle Mattoo into a deep sleep without killing him.

Sherlock breaks the stubble code, along with their other means of communication, realizing that Moriarty wasn't in on it after all. The girl is Moriarty's daughter, and Fauxiarty and company really did kidnap her in order to get something of value (other than money) from her. Moriarty refuses to reveal what the object is, and nobody else can tell them either: she kills all of them in the process of saving her daughter.

Thankfully, Sherlock is not the father of the girl. In fact, the real father is probably the person who told Fauxiarty about Moriarty's child. Moriarty is slowly dying from her wrist-cutting escape wounds, and Sherlock hands her over to have her wounds tended to. Hopefully, the Feds have learned their lesson, and will discontinue all concessions.

Quick side note: at the beginning of the episode, there is a short clip of Bell trying to fire his gun during target practice. He still doesn't have full use of his hand, but at least he's still on the show (for now)! The previews indicate that he is in the next episode as well.

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