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'Teen Wolf' GifTweetCap: Are You Dreaming?

"Anchors" is the first episode of the second half of Teen Wolf Season 3. It is on the same night as another show for which I write these recaps. You can check out my Almost Human recap from the same night! Anyway, the first half of the Teen Wolf season concluded with Scott becoming an alpha, and Derek sacrificing his alpha status in order to save his dying sister. Stiles' dad learned the truth about werewolves, and we finally learned why Lydia is so weird: she's a banshee.
The episode opens with an Inception-like dream sequence in which Stiles nearly loses his mind. At one point, he wakes up next to Lydia, as if that's a normal thing to have happen. He soon realizes, however, that something is not quite right.
His final dream is a normal morning at school... until he begins explaining to Scott that the most frightening part of his dreams-within-dreams is the fact that he doesn't know whether he's dreaming or not. This revelation caused him to wake up one more time from his sleep-paralysis hell.
All three of the teens who died in ice baths before being pulled back to life (Allison, Scott, and Stiles) are having weird dreams, and having trouble knowing what's real. Allison's dreams include bedroom time with Isaac. Good thing Scott can't see into her dreams. His reaction to learning that Isaac hadn't kissed Allison, but merely wanted to? Throwing him against the wall across from his room. His mother is not pleased by the house-destroying supernatural-mayhem.
Scott's waking dreams include his shadow appearing to be of a giant wolf-man.
Later, Scott begins turning into a wolf right in the hallway of his school, in front of everyone. Quick-thinking Stiles pulls his head down, as if he's putting Scott into a headlock, and hurries him off to an empty classroom before anyone can see the transformation. Scott's only option is to dig his claws into his own hands, because "pain makes you human."
Allison tries to get her mojo back, with Lydia's help. That involves some bow and arrow target practice in the woods. Unfortunately, she can't even manage to hit a tree, much less the bullseye pinned to the tree. Allison soon falls into a waking dream in which she sees scary auntie Kate coming at her making angry faces. Her first instinct is to shoot the bitch, only to realize that she was actually shooting at Lydia! Luckily, Isaac was there to catch the arrow before it went through Lydia's skull -- a heroic act which gets no love from Scott, who throws him against the wall again for being there with Allison in the first place.
Stiles then has waking a dream in which all of his classmates and teacher are staring at him creepily while speaking in sign language. When he wakes in class Scott informs him that he was not asleep at all. In fact, he was writing the words "WAKE UP!!" over and over on a piece of paper. 
The teens ask Dr. Deaton what could be going on, and Stiles shows him some of the signing he saw in his dream. Deaton says Stiles' mind is trying to tell him that the door to his mind is ajar (when a door is not a door, it's a-jar -- ugh, puns). These mind-doors were opened when each of the three teens died, and they're still open. That's not good! They need to get those doors closed! Too bad Deaton doesn't know how they're supposed to do that.
Stiles notices that his father is acting strangely, bringing his work home with him and taking a second look at old cases that he now realizes may have involved werewolves. He finally admits that he's doing what he can now, before he gets fired. It turns out that Scott's dad is trying to impeach Stilinski for not closing enough cases. Scott's anger causes him to begin changing, as if to say, "I'm the alpha male of this house now!" Who's ya daddy?!
Scott's mom pulls Scott into the hallway before his dad sees what's happening. He's having trouble controlling the wolf because he had always used Allison as his anchor. Now that he's not with Allison, he has no point of control. His mom fixes that by telling him to be his own anchor: he's a teenager, which means he'll fall in love plenty of times before he finds "the one": he'll have to count on himself until then.
One of the cases Stiles' dad wanted to revisit involved the death of the Tate family. They were killed in a car accident, then attacked by "coyotes" (that was the official story, anyway). One of the young girls, Malia Tate, had been dragged off, and the body was never found. Scott invites Stiles to go body-hunting with him to find the dead body. The car that had crashed is still there, but someone is watching. It's a wolf with blue eyes (meaning it has taken an innocent life)! Scott looks into its eyes and says, "Malia?"
Throughout the episode, a new girl named Kira pops up. Scott has clearly taken a liking to her, and the feeling seems to be mutual. Most of the fans seem to hate her.
At the end if the episode, we finally get a glimpse of Derek. Derek and Peter are being tortured in a dark dungeon-y place, and it's apparently Peter's fault. What a jerk, getting Derek mixed up in his shady business! Well, at least they're shirtless, sending a nice jolt into female fan's funny bones (if you know what I'm saying).

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