Monday, January 6, 2014

'Grimm' GifTweetCap: Russian Wesen and Revenge!

"Grimm" begins a new Juliette-centered story arc in the episode "Red Menace," but it's a very small part of the episode. The main plot is all about the Wesen-monster-of-the-week, who may or may not be so monstrous.
The episode begins with a nod to the pilot: a girl in red, who looks as if she's about to get dead via a mysterious man in a hoodie. It's not exactly the same, but the "Li'l Red Riding Hood" (The Brooke) music playing over the opening certainly brings back memories. The hoodie guy is just Nick (David Giuntoli), doing some heavy exercising without losing his breath or sweating. When are we going to learn what's going on with zombie-Nick?
Meanwhile, a seemingly wonderful man, Boris (Mark Ivanir), heals a young girl in pain with cancer. He appears to be a very special kind of green healing Wesen, which we later find is called a Koschie Wesen.
Later, sweet ol' Boris is attacked by a man named Alex Renko (Vladimir Tevlovski) in a store room while at an event in his honor. He is stabbed with scissors, but is able to grab Renko by the wrists and send him some green pulses. In this case, the healer uses his powers to harm. He throws Renko out the window, but the reverse-healing is not finished.
The infection sent to Renko through Boris's green vein-pulses is radiation poisoning. Renko speaks with an unknown person on the phone, lamenting the fact that he failed to kill Boris. After his little phone conversation, he decides to pull out one of his teeth, solely for the purpose of grossing us out.
The gang finds another dead man in the freezer at the same restaurant where Boris's event was held. Renko had killed him before attacking Boris, but they don't know where Renko is, so they go speak with Boris. Renard (Sasha Roiz), Hank (Russell Hornsby), and Nick watch as Boris heals someone, but only Nick can see that he's Wesen. Later, Renard, who's back from "vacation," learns that Boris used to be an assassin. He also knows that Grigori Rasputin was also a Koschie Wesen.

Nick, Wu (Reggie Lee) and Hank show up to check out Renko's apparently dead (and incredibly disgusting) pustule-ridden body lying in the tub. Oops! He's not dead yet! He jumps out of the tub and grabs Hank, barfing some oozy vomit in a nice shade of black right on Hank's coat.
Because of the radiation in the room, Hank, Nick and Wu are forced to take a shower. Nick almost looks as if he's in a GQ ad, and Hank looks a bit touchy-feely... with himself.
All of their clothing must be confiscated and burned, so the men are forced to wear their blue clean-room-type suits and booties. Anyone who has ever seen Ghostbusters gets the reference right away, although they add a comment from someone to the side for good measure: "Who ya gonna call?"
Boris enjoys sleeping around with his #HotMaid Larissa (Alicia Lagano), even while his wife Olga (Alexsandra Kaniak) is around. The next time he does, however, Larissa tries to kill him with poisoned Vodka. She becomes frustrated when he won't die (because he can heal himself), leaving Boris entirely confused... until she confesses that she only got close to him so she could pay him back for murdering her father, back when Boris was an assassin.
Boris insists that he has changed, but she runs off down the stairs. Our gang of cops show up just in time to see it all go down. The wife is a boar-like Malin Fatal Wesen, and rips into Larissa's throat for attempting to kill Boris. Boris, who dies a little each time he heals someone, makes the ultimate sacrifice in doing one more healing on Larissa, proving that he is truly reformed. But that is his final act, and he dies by Larissa's side.
Meanwhile, a new story arc begins when Juliette's (Bitsie Tulloch) battered-wife friend Alicia (Angela Gots) calls, and Juliette offers to let her stay in her home. While Juliette is busy, Nick notices that Alicia just happens to be a Fuchsbau Wesen. Her cruel husband Joe calls their house in search of her, but they deny she's there. Little do they know, he's staking out the place, and he's a Klaustreich Wesen to boot! Klaustreich are alley-cat-like jerks of the Wesen community. What happens next is left for next week.
Oh yeah, Hank finally looked for some action in the form of his beautiful physical therapist Zuri (Sharon Leal). He's just finishing up healing from his Achilles tear, which he got zip-lining on vacation a while back, and decides to "celebrate" his recovery with her. Unfortunately, she doesn't go out with patients. Poor Hank never gets the girl! Or any girl, for that matter!
GRIMM -- "Red Menace" Episode 309
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Airdate: Friday, January 3 on NBC (9-10 p.m. ET)
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