Saturday, April 19, 2014

Q is for 'Quantum Leap' (and Other Quirky Things)

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Quantum Leap is another of my favorite sci-fi shows, which aired on NBC for five seasons, from the late 80s to the early 90s. It starred Scott Bakula (one of my fave actors!) as Dr. Sam Beckett, and Dean Stockwell as Al.

Sam went back in time through his own lifetime, but only his mind went back. He would take over the consciousness of other people, seeing things through their eyes. Al was his sidekick, but only appeared as a hologram that only Sam (and animals, children, and the mentally impaired) could see. Sam was stuck in this quantum leaping loop, unable to get back home. He always made his next leap at the end of an episode, letting out a big fat disappointed "Oh, boy!" when he realized what he would be getting into next.
This was Sam's first leap, at the beginning of the first episode.
I've also made this gif available on this Tumblr post.
My Q for last year was "#Questing #Quirky #Qwerty":


  1. I almost used Quantum Leap for my Television part of my blog for Q, but Scott Bakula wasn't young enough for my YA theme. Great Blog, I loved Quantum Leap!
    Stopping by from A-Z

  2. Big part of my introduction to Sci-Fi growing up was down to Quantum Leap. Loved the show. Great work.

  3. I couldn't wait to see where the character in QL would turn up next. I loved how he dropped into the middle of everything and had to do a quick pick up of the situation. Very exciting.

  4. Great post. I loved Quantum Leap. And yay! For Qantas!

  5. I laughed the second I saw the words "Quantum Leap." I used to watch this show in my parents' room and couldn't wait for it to come on every week. It's definitely one of the best examples of 80's TV in the entire universe---past, present, or future.

  6. Great topic! I was living in the middle of the Yorkshire dales in an old cold farmhouse and each Week my friend would pop round and we'd howl at this. Loved it.