Saturday, April 26, 2014

W is for Wind (and Weeping Angels)

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Wind is prevalent in the high desert of California. I did most of my growing up there, during my teen years. In fact, I'm there at this moment, at my parents' house, doing my work and blogging from home. The wind was very strong yesterday, and especially last night. It has died down considerably today, which is why I was able to capture it on a gif. Although not as strong as earlier, you can see how my video slowly tilts, as I tilt to the wind. I also put on a neat filter, which was actually just a way to make the file smaller while keeping the length and pixel size.
I have also made this gif available on this Tumblr post.
The #WeepingAngels are my favorite Doctor Who creatures. Those things are creepy!
My "W" for last year was "#Wacky #Wheat #Widens #Waistlines":


  1. We get lots of wind here too, being in the desert as well. I love that pic of the moving trees. I'm going to have to try and capture something like that. I have no idea what I'm doing in that area though. Sigh.

    Once I was at the kitchen sink washing dishes and we were having a wind storm. The barbeque wizzed past the window and in a flash was off the patio and turned upside down. It happened so fast. Thank goodness it stopped at the lawn or it would have gone down an embankment.


  2. That is a powerful wind! I don't know how I'd fair living somewhere that is that windy all the time.

    I love the kitten butt-wiggle picture, and the collection of "weeping angel" pictures. Too funny!

  3. The high dessert is very special, and it's nothing like one would imagine. So beautiful and yes, that wind is something else.

  4. The weeping angels scared the wits out of me .... lol I love your wind gif. I managed to get to Southern California once, but didn't get out to the desert really .... It's a place I absolutely have to visit sometime.

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog over the weekend :) ... I'm learning so much from all you experienced bloggers.
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