Tuesday, April 15, 2014

'Person of Interest' 3x19 'Most Likely To...' Gif-Tweet-Cap: Not What You Think!

Most of the following gifs can be found on this Tumblr post. "Most Likely To..." appears at first to be another of those "one-off" Person of Interest episodes, which are usually interspersed with story arc episodes. It's only partially so, and the transition of the theme from encapsulation to ongoing story makes for one of the best twists of the series so far!
Reese and Shaw keep track of their latest number, Leona Wainwright, but they're already too late. The Vigilance cab driver gives Reese a smirk right before blowing himself up with the number still inside the car.
We then see that Control (Camryn Manheim) is back, trying to stop Vigilance from finding out about their "Northern Lights" program (i.e., the Machine).
Their follow-up number is Matthew Reed (Nestor Carbonell), who will be at a high school reunion. Finch gets Reese and Shaw in and Frank Mercer, the Mattress King of Wisconsin and Betty Harris of Queens. The perky sign-in lady (Rosa Arredondo) slaps on their badges, and Shaw is not impressed.
But she definitely is impressed by Matthew Reed.
Then Shaw checks out the yearbook photos of the people they are impersonating, and she is, again, not impressed.
Reese is also not impressed to find that he is impersonating a play-a, which is probably why he gets slapped by three different women.
Frank also used to hang out with stoners. One of them gives him an unexpected guy-hug.

It turns out that Matthew's girlfriend Claire died of an overdose in his car senior year, and some people still blame him. Images of her dead body are played on video for all to see.
That night, Shaw pretends to be staying in the room next to her crush (who is also their number), and breaks into the room to find some guy cutting his toenails. She tells him there are bed bugs in his room to get him to switch with her.
Reese shows up, and they open up their suitcases filled with guns and surveillance equipment. Shaw's toothbrush doesn't matter when death is afoot!
Meanwhile, Finch and Fusco have their own road trip, consisting of Fusco's favorite AC/DC and Dixie Chicks tunes. They also get a hotel room together, where Fusco puts on the robe and an eye mask. He needed his beauty rest before heading out to break into FBI evidence lockup and crack a safe.
Matt knows that Shaw is lying about being Betty. They talk about her deception during a nice slow dance, before a body falls to the floor as pretty balloons are released. It's OK though, because it's just a fake Claire mannequin.
Reese and Shaw aren't the only imposters. In the kitchen area, Reese runs into a guy known as Phil (Timothy Devlin), but wait... that's not Phil! "Phil" and Reese have a little tiff (Reese's style of tiff involves a lot of punching and knife skills), until "Phil" threatens to break the stoner’s (James McMenamin) neck unless Reese drops the cleaver. Reese does so, then switches to his trusty plate and Sloppy Joe skills to knock him down, but then he eats a cyanide pill.
Matt is now a prosecutor, and has deduced that nerdy Doug (Rob McClure) was the guy who gave his girlfriend the drugs that killed her because he was trying to relax her, since she didn't want to be with him. It was Matt terrorizing Doug at the reunion, not the other way around.
Matt tries to kill Doug for what he did, but their piddly little fight doesn't really matter when the future of the nation is at stake! That's right, Vigilance is after the team, and has followed them to the high school reunion. They don't really care about Matt and Doug, but Reese does: he pulls Doug aside to prevent his head from being blown off.
Root can't help them because she needs to save Finch. She knows they can handle themselves, which they do. All the bad guys are dead, arrested, or taken out on a stretcher.
Meanwhile, Fusco helps Finch break into FBI evidence to learn more about what they have on Northern Lights, but Collier (Leslie Odom Jr.) and his Vigilance men show up to foil their plans. Collier takes the file as Root double-gun shoots at him. Amazingly, she has perfect aim... until now.
Control is threatened after learning that the Northern Lights program has been outed. She is forced to "shut it down," which she can apparently do with a single phone call. The Machine seems to have other plans, which Root appears to receive in her ear. It looks as if the Machine is "restructuring," and will be spitting out only relevant numbers from now on.


  1. I liked this show from the start and it has only gotten better.