Thursday, April 10, 2014

'Elementary' 2x19 'The Many Mouths of Aaron Colville' GifTweetCap: People Munchies

The following gifs can be found on this Tumblr post. "The Many Mouths of Aaron Colville” is a great episode of Elementary in terms of showing the unorthodox relationship between Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) and Watson (Lucy Liu), as well as demonstrating Sherlock’s quirky personality. The mystery is weird and somewhat interesting, but is somewhat boring this time. The humorous visuals are what save it, which I have for you right here:
The episode starts with what appears to be the murder of a mortician with a bite mark, plus a robbery. Sherlock deduces that the death was an accident, and the mortician fell on a dead body, receiving a bite mark. The robber, on the other hand, is still hiding as a corpse.
The bite mark attracts another detective, who is investigating new murders involving bite marks that match bites from an old case. Watson had been involved back then when she watched her superior (Bruce Altman) apparently allow confessed killer Aaron Colville (Greg Coughlin) die on the operating table. By the way, her hair was atrocious back then.
Sherlock grabs a book without moving the ladder, and it has nothing to do with anything other than looking really funny -- like the ballet of book-grabbing.

Sherlock then invites Watson to find treasure with him, just for fun. They have the best platonic relationship on TV! The best representation of his invitation can be found on this Tumblr gif from MY MUSE AND ME.
Watson goes through a lot of emotions about not doing anything when Colville died, especially now that he may have been innocent, since the bite marks match in the new case. Watson doesn't know that Aaron confessed to the doctor right before dying, but this part of the story is so exhausting, I'm getting it over with right now. As Sherlock explains to her, it was her superior who did it, and there was nothing she could have done. Come on, Watson!
Sherlock helps Watson with the new biting case, and makes a couple of sacrifices in order to get them to hack up some records in order to help them solve the crime. The first sacrifice Sherlock makes is to wear a sign asking random people to punch him in the arm.
They find their supposed killer, but he's actually wearing dentures he got in prison.
Those dentures match eight others from the same prison dentist. They narrow that down to just four possible suspects, all wearing the same funny-looking teeth. They all have alibis, so they are back to having no suspects.
Sherlock does his usual waking-of-Watson ritual at three points during the episode. The first time, he even picks out her clothes for her. Of course, she'd rather choose her own fashions.
The next hacker-assigned task is for Sherlock to wear a prom dress while singing songs from Frozen. Apparently, his performance is a huge success, but we poor viewers never get to see it.
Sherlock next wakes Watson using Clyde in a turtle cozy.
Sherlock and Watson finally find a credible suspect: an assistant named Stan (Robert Stanton) at the prison dentist's office. He took sex offender drugs, which have made him brittle, and Watson delivers a little pain while inspecting his hand. He couldn't have committed the murders, because he would be in a full body cast after the victims fought back.
Watson wakes to Clyde again, only this time he's wearing a cozy capable of holding a note.
And then they finally figure it out. Colville's mother (Judith Ivey) planned on making millions in lawsuits over the treatment of her son by making it appear as though he were innocent. All she had to do was murder some people, and bite them using the dentures designed from her son's teeth. Gee, easy peasy.

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