Thursday, April 24, 2014

'Elementary' 2x20 'No Lack of Void' Gif-Tweet-Cap: Sherlock Hallucinates His Feelings

The following gifs can be found on this Tumblr post. The “No Lack of Void” episode of Elementary was entirely ordinary and boring when it came to the main plot line. What was going on in Sherlock’s (Jonny Lee Miller) life was much more interesting. This always seems to be the case. It is the rare episode that is fantastic on both fronts, and those are usually premieres, finales, and sweeps.

The episode begins with Sherlock practicing his Derry Irish accent using a recording sent from his good buddy Allistair (Roger Rees).
Later, Watson (Lucy Liu) is called into a holding cell, to check on Apollo Mercer (Brandon Espinoza), a pickpocket who appears to have passed out. He's actually dead, and it looks like Anthrax!
Mercer stole the Anthrax from a man named Charlie Simon, thinking it was drugs. They find his Anthrax lab in a storage locker, but he's dead inside with empty containers that had held 40 pounds worth of Anthrax. It's enough to infect half a million people.
Meanwhile, Sherlock has been holding in his feelings about something, and reveals to Watson that Allistair is dead. He visits Allistair's partner Ian (Ron Raines), and seems suspicious about the death. Allistair was supposedly in good health, and Sherlock seems to think that Allistair's son Jeremy (Dennis Flanagan) is responsible.
Sherlock loses it a bit over held in emotions, seeing hallucinations of Allistair, then becoming careless in the Anthrax case. As such, he winds up getting caught in a truck full of Anthrax, fighting off some bad guys, and getting the stuff all over his face. Now he's got even more to freak out about.
Luckily, he finds that the Anthrax is fake after tasting it. The men who had the fake stuff, however, believed that it was real, and were planning on sending it to government officials. The real stuff is still out there.
They find the prints of a man named Eugene, who is part of a group called the Sovreign Army. They speak with his brother Bart (Garret Dillahunt), but Bart says he hasn't seen him, and that Eugene is crazy. But later, the brothers get into a fight, and Eugene is shot dead. Bart claims that he was forced to kill shoot when Eugene threatened to poison people with Anthrax through milk, by poisoning all of Eugene's cows.
Sherlock still can't get over his emotions, and gets snippy with Watson while arguing about the case. He eventually has enough of the whole thing, and throws a plate on the ground like a child.
Watson throws a plate as well, pointing out that throwing things doesn't solve anything.
Watson then throws out all the milk after her mother freaks out about the possibility of Anthrax-tainted milk. But this gives Sherlock an idea.
Sherlock realizes that Eugene probably just wanted to kill the cows. They would have died before producing milk anyway, and they were insured for 2.5 million dollars. Both brothers would have profited, but Bart wanted it all for himself.
Later, Watson finds that Allistair went back to using drugs, and died of a heroine overdose. Sherlock blaims Jeremy for not speaking with Allistair. He just can't make sense of Allistair overdosing after three decades sober, and after being the one to help Sherlock get sober. Later, Sherlock finally releases a few tears while speaking with Allistair in his mind as he stands over Allistair's grave.


  1. Poor Sherlock, this was truly an amazing episode.

    Brandon Ax: Writer's Storm

  2. I haven't watched the show recently. After watching Sherlock with Cumberbach, I just can't get into Elementary anymore. You make is sound so interesting maybe I'll have to catch up.