Friday, April 25, 2014

V is for Vacuuming (and Vaping)

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Vacuuming never ends when you have lots of pets. I was actually going to write about vaping, but it turns out my dad has completely quit all forms of "smoking," so I waited to see him for no reason. Oh well. Vacuuming is even easier to gif because it happens so often around here. My dog is the biggest culprit because she likes to grab a bite of food, then carry it to the other room. She prefers tiny bites, and ends up leaving little bits of stuff everywhere. Her daintiness is so cute when I don't have to clean it up!
I have also made this gif available on this Tumblr post.
I tried the new #V, and it was so horrible compared to the original. Well, the original was pretty cheesy too, but in a good way.
#Vellum is a wonderful thing when doing crafts:
My "V" for last year was "#Very #Vehement #Vagrants":


  1. I wish there was vaping when I quit smoking. I would have loved it.
    I took out every carpet in our house. I miss vacuuming.

  2. Never vapped in my life. Vaccuming, yes. I've done that far too many times, but it keep telling myself it beats shaking out rugs. That's a lung killer for sure.