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'Teen Wolf' 3x24 'The Divine Move' GifTweetCap: Death and Destruction

Some of the following gifs are available on this Tumblr post. The episode "The Divine Move” continues directly from last week’s Teen Wolf. The Nogitsune is still being DoucheStiles (Dylan O’Brien), and the Oni, which now belong to him, have just killed Allison (Crystal Reed) after she killed one of them. As always, there are plenty of things that don’t make sense, but the series is also more exciting than it has ever been, mostly due to Dylan O'Brien’s amazing acting job as DuoStiles.
Of course, the episode begins with everyone mourning the loss of Allison... except her own father (J.R. Bourne), who compartmentalizes in order to do his job: killin' Oni sons o' bi*ches. But that's going to be difficult if he can't figure out how Allison did it.
While he tries to figure it out, the Oni go on a rampage, starting with the police station.
Meanwhile, Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) patches up the twins by burning off the Moubtain Ash from the specialized bullets they were being shot with. The shooting was just a diversion anyway, so Nogitsune Stiles could steal the Oni without much trouble. Derek then goes into a speech about how they need to fight for their friends.
Dark Stiles and his Oni continue their rampage at the hospital, beginning with the poor cute guy at the front desk. They kill so many doctors and sick people that the remaining healthy people should try really hard to stay healthy and not break any major bones.
It turns out that they are only there to injure one person: Mama McCall (Melissa Ponzio), whose leg they slash on the hospital elevator. Geez, they could have done that without wiping out a quarter of the town's population! Then again, it's Teen Wolf, so nobody will remember them, since they aren't main characters.
The same thing goes for the station: the Oni are only there to injure Papa Stilinski (Linden Ashby), without killing him. Nobody else really matters.
They finally realize that Allison was able to kill the Oni because she used a silver arrow, and that must have been what she was trying to tell Scott (Tyler Posey) when she kept repeating, "You have to tell my dad," before she died. Couldn't she just have spit out, "silver arrow kills Oni" instead of repeating something useless before death?
Anyway, the gang hatch a plan, and Scott, Stiles, Lydia (Holland Roden) and Kira (Arden Cho) show up at school to find Dark Stiles. Instead, they walk into a winter wonderland. It's quite beautiful, actually.
While the others have Christmas in Spring, Derek and the twins prepare an attack on Evil Stiles and the Oni by opening their mouths really wide and growling loudly.
Back in the blizzard, Old Man Mummy shuffles over to Stiles to tell him that he is going to kill everyone Stiles cares about so he can win his stupid "game." Old men can be really grumpy and set in their ways sometimes!
As if killing his papa weren't enough, Mummy Face informs Stiles that he's also going to kill Dr. Deaton (Seth Gilliam), as if that's going to matter more to him. Then we cut to Dr. Deaton, fighting like a badass until a big sword slices his back.
Mummy Man offers Stiles an out: if his best friend Scott kills him, then everyone else can live. A fight ensues, until Stiles decides that offing himself may not be so bad after all. He did rise up out of barf-bandages, after all! But then he sees a curious sight: the reflection of a school book on the blade.
While Stiles ponders snow in his classroom, Chris Argent saves Derek and the twins by killing one of the Oni using one of his daughter's arrows. Unfortunately, Allison didn't really think things through: she only made one arrow for each Oni, not enough to make any mistakes.
Stiles realizes that they are standing within an illusion, so he tells Scott to power through multiple stabbings to get out, since none of it is real anyway. All they have to do is knock over the final Mummy Bowling Pin.
Chris offs all the Oni but one, making a dreaded mistake that causes one of the arrows to break. Luckily, Aidan (Max Carver) is there to grab it and shove it into the final Oni by hand. The bad news is that Aidan gets skewered at the same time, and the Oni heads off while the sword is still inside him so he can't recover from the wound. The good news is that the twin actors, Max and Charlie Carver, will have a lot more flexibility now that there are two of them to play just one character. I bet they're going to fool everybody and cover for each other! The other good news is that all the other injured people are OK now.
The final showdown arrives, and the gang gives Dark Stiles the secret of how they plan to kill him right before they set it in motion, for fans who would not have been able to figure it out. Good thing Dark Stiles is a slow-poke! The secret is that Nogitsune Stiles has to change, so Scott changes him, then Kira impales him.
Evil Fly escapes, but Isaac (Daniel Sharman) traps it.
Then, S.O.B. Stiles turns to dust, even though he is the one who had Stiles' original body, and Real Stiles was puked out in bandages. That's some trick, Trickster Stiles! Have I used enough Nogistiles adjectives yet?
Stiles Stiles (herein known as just Stiles... that is, not Just Stiles, but Stiles) faints over the whole ordeal, and is embarrassed to wake up with all his friends staring at him.
By the way, Danny (Keahu Kahuanui) had figured out long ago that Ethan (Charlie Carver) was a werewolf. In Beacon Hills, this sort of thing is common place, after all.
The episode then ends with a quick cliffhanger to make us excited for next season. Derek gets shot, and guess who shoots him?! Yep, Auntie Kate Argent is returning, with terrific Blue Face (don't worry, it's only racist to Smurfs, and they're too happy to care). Derek has a quick dream, indicating that a "scratch" can also turn someone into a werewolf. In this case, it was the ripping out of a throat that apparently transforms a person into a Blue Bitch.

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