Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Y is for Yellow (and YAY!!)

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Yellow is a special color around here for two reasons: it is my mother's favorite color, and it is the one color dogs can really see. I am not a big fan of yellow when it comes to buying things for myself, but I'm a huge fan of yellow in nature, mainly because my mother loves to garden, and loves the color so much. It makes me happy to think that she would love to see a specific yellow flower, and so I usually snap a photo and send it to her.

Did you know that dogs are mostly color blind? The one color they can see best is the color yellow, and Lulu really does seem to love it! I pulled out three of her favorite yellow toys for this gif. They all make various squeaky noises, with the chicken making the most amusing noise. Whenever she has a choice, Lulu always goes for the large greenish-yellow tennis ball. It has just the right feel, like a tennis ball, it's big enough that she can't choke on it, plus it actually squeaks! She loves it!
I have also made this gif available on this Tumblr post.
YAY!! I love to say yay, because it means I'm happy happy joy joy happy!!
Yesterday. As with T, if yesterday had been for the letter "T," this would be recursive! That's because yesterday would be tomorrow, but tomorrow (today) is yesterday! Wait... what did I just say?
My Y for last year was "#Yellow #Yarrow #Yard":


  1. Yellow is such a cheerful colour in nature. I do like it. I wish I could wear yellow but it makes me look sallow.


  2. That's why dogs carry off those high visibility tennis balls!