Thursday, May 1, 2014

'Elementary' 2x21 Gif-Tweet-Cap 'The Man With the Twisted Lip': Almost-Finale Shenanigans!

I've loaded the following gifs on this Tumblr post. "The Man With the Twisted Lip" gets a bit more into sci-fi than usual for Elementary, although it is based on technology that currently exists. The only problem is that some of the details on how the technology could be used are a little off. Still, it's a fun episode, especially for sci-fi fanatics.

We begin with a drug abuse meeting in which Sherlock expresses his fear that his sobriety is threatened by that fact that he is "without peer."
During the meeting, Watson recognizes a woman named Tess from former meetings. She can't find her sister Paige, so Watson convinces Sherlock to help her, despite his protestation.

When they arrive home, they find Ms. Hudson and Mycroft cooking up dinner. Sherlock is not happy, and wonders whether Mycroft is only there to sleep with Joan (again). He assures Sherlock that he wants to visit Joan as a friend (although Sherlock has trouble believing it).
Later, as Sherlock and Watson search for Paige, but Sherlock makes the mistake of suggesting that he can "share custody" of Watson with Mycroft.
They find that Paige was using heroin again, obtaining them through a fake "delivery service." Watson "places an order," allowing the cops to bust the drug dealers.
Later, Watson shares dinner with Mycroft, and he confesses that he wants to be with her. The next morning, Sherlock wakes Watson early again so he can ask whether his brother "took liberties" with her. At least he made breakfast this time. He also has a lead on Paige, based on a clue he found that points to a place where she hangs out.
Sherlock and Watson each find a body, and one of them is Paige. They have each been murdered with something that creates an odd gunshot pattern. The man they find, Pillar, works for a company that makes drones. It appears as though Paige witnessed his murder, so the killer murdered her too.

Sherlock takes a break from the case to go to Mycroft's restaurant and ask Mycroft what his intentions are with Joan. Mycroft slaps him down with some truth about stifling Watson with his controlling nature. While there, Sherlock coincidentally spots what is likely a crime taking place.
Later, Sherlock brings up the shady goings-on at the restaurant, but Watson knows he was there to spy on her activities. A little mosquito interrupts their conversation, but it's actually a tiny drone! Sherlock suddenly has an epiphany: Pillar and Paige were killed by these itty bitty drones!
Later, Watson checks out the bad guys at the restaurant, while suggesting to Mycroft that she is planning on getting her own place so she can have some privacy.
Meanwhile, Sherlock's favorite hacker group, "Everyone," digs up info for Sherlock, finding that Pillar's psychiatrist was taking bribes and dealing in illegal Italian candy. They use this information to get him to talk about illegal drone tests that Pillar had witnessed, but one of those teensy drones poisons him before he can give up more details.
Pillar's laptop contains a copy of the report he was threatening to reveal publicly, but it had been stolen. Watson comes up with the brilliant idea of bluffing the bad guy, whoever he may be, by bluffing. Sherlock does so by holding up post-it notes for the spying mosquito drone, stating that he has another copy of the report.
The C.O.O of the company where Pillar worked is the man who shows up, so Sherlock texts Watson this information so she can break into the correct office and find the stolen laptop that contains the report. Busted! Best of all, the report goes public, as Pillar wanted!
After all is said and done, Sherlock apologizes to Watson for invading her privacy, but she reminds him that he only ever sorry after he gets what he wants.
Later, Watson follows one of the French Mafia bad guys from the restaurant. She calls Sherlock for backup, but he's too busy stashing some of the heroin he snuck from the "delivery service"... for later?!
Unfortunately, he doesn't know that Watson is busy getting kidnapped in a dark alley by a man who has a photo of her. He knew she was spying on him! Dun-dun-dunnnnnnn!

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