Thursday, May 15, 2014

'Elementary' 2x23 'Art in the Blood' Gif-Tweet-Cap: Twists Upon Twists and Turns

"Art in the Blood" continues from last week's Elementary, with the revelation that Mycroft (Rhys Ifans) is working for the British government in some capacity. Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) is still in fear of losing Watson (Lucy Liu) to the bad guys.
Sherlock quickly learns that Watson is OK, and that Mycroft is MI6. Sherlock accuses him of lying, but Mycroft quickly shows that he has another side. Watson has had enough and leaves the room.
He suddenly sounds very self-important, waving around a jar of something sitting in the kitchen as he tells Sherlock that his handler (Ralph Brown) wanted Sherlock out of New York so he would not interfere with their investigation, and that it was Sherlock's fault Joan got captured by having her help him... until Sherlock tells him that it's deadly toxic mold he's waving around there. Of course, if Mycroft had told the truth, it would not have happened that way.
All the bad guys from last week's episode are picked up, but now Mycroft's MI6 handler has a job for Sherlock: determining whether there is more to the death of their ex-analyst, Arthur West. They try to convince him by reminding him that they saved Mycroft and Joan, while Mycroft tries to discourage Sherlock from taking the job, for Joan's sake. Sherlock reminds Mycroft that he's not going to be sleeping with Watson while lying to her face, and that she will want to help with the case.
Watson does indeed want to help. Their first stop is the morgue, where they find that someone has stolen the victim's arms. Photos of the arms indicate a dry skin condition, which Sherlock deduces is caused by invisible ink tattoos.
Mycroft tries to talk to Watson, but she says that her answer to anything he asks of her is "no": No apologies, no nothing, when she can't believe a word he says. She says that Sherlock and she both deserve better.
Sherlock reports his findings so far, and indicates that he's "pregnant" with the case now, and wants to continue.

Sherlock tells Watson that he understands what deception is like, after the whole Moriarty debacle. She can talk to him about it, but she only wants to talk about the case. Then Arthur's wife (Emily Bergl), whom Sherlock spoke with earlier, shows up at their doorstep to show them the photos of Arthur in blacklight, revealing his tattoos.
It turns out that Arthur knew Sherlock because he had been asked to spy on him. He liked Sherlock, and wanted his wife to go to Sherlock if anything ever happened to him. He also believed there was an MI6 mole working in New York. The only problem is that the series of numbers from the tattoo have no meaning to Sherlock, other than forming some sort of data set. He just doesn't know to what the data refers.
Later, Watson finally tells Sherlock what she has been trying to tell him for weeks: she's moving out. He refers to the idea as "codswallop," using flailing gestures to indicate his denial, and that she's just upset about the abduction, and everything will be just dandy.
Sherlock asks Mycroft's handler why he never mentioned that Arthur had spied on him, but the handler just shrugs it off, saying that it's because Sherlock is special. Sherlock then reveals the information about the possible mole, and the rest of the info. Then the handler asks whether Sherlock is still prego with the case, and tries to convince him to continue with it... but he says no.
Joan then learns from the wife that Mycroft had left MI6 for awhile, but had to come back for some unknown reason.
Meanwhile, Gregson (Aidan Quinn) shows Sherlock a fingerprint from the gun used to kill Arthur. He suddenly behaves a bit strangely, and leaves the precinct quickly, leaving Gregson wondering what's gotten into him.

Watson goes to Mycroft's place to ask him about why he went back to MI6. It was all for Sherlock. When Sherlock was at the height of drug abuse, he screwed up one of his cases so bad that he almost allowed a terrorist plot to go on right under his nose. Mycroft went back to MI6 to save him and stop the plot. All this truth-telling clearly makes Mycroft irresistible, at least in Joan's eyes.
Then we see why Sherlock seemed so troubled to see the fingerprint. He takes his brother's print from the jar of toxic mold jar and sees that it's a match to the gun that killed Arthur!
Learning that Mycroft is the killer makes the next scene all that more disgusting: Watson is sleeping with the enemy! But things get confusing again when Sherlock barges in on them as they are just beginning to put themselves back together after doing the dirty all night. He believes that Mycroft is being framed for murder and treason, and they have to go into hiding right away!

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