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'Person of Interest' 3x23 'Deus Ex Machina' Gif-Tweet-Cap: Everything Changes

The following gifs are available on this Tumblr post. "Deus Ex Machina" is the Season 3 finale of Person of Interest, and almost too epic to watch. Almost. It is possible to watch it without falling off your seat as long as you have some sort of seat belt. Otherwise, you may have a few injuries in the morning. I also recommend that, if you have not yet seen the episode, that you watch it in the early evening so you will be able to sleep. Sleep is still not guaranteed, however.
The city is still dark after Vigilance turned out the lights in New York in the previous episode. A few more Decima guys show up at the spot where Finch (Michael Emerson) had been held earlier, but Reese (James Caviezel) and Shaw (Sarah Shahi) take out a few kneecaps. Then, Hersh (Boris McGiver) finishes them off, reminding the others that Decima guys have a bad habit of killing themselves anyway.
Collier (Leslie Odom Jr.) informs his kangaroo court that the "trial" is being televised all over the world. Not sure how that works in New York with the lights out, but whatever. Collier calls one of his five accused to the stand: "Manuel Rivera" (Joseph Melendez). Then he shoots the guy for lying and getting out of line about the validity of the fake proceedings.
Meanwhile, Reese, Shaw and Hersh watch some of the trial on the TV that seems to have been left behind just for them, and they try to find the location by using photos of the courthouse. Shaw is antsy to leave when she realizes that Root (Amy Acker) may be in danger, so Hersh commandeers a bicycle by shooting at the poor rider.
Throughout the episode, we are treated to some new Collier 2010 flashbacks, detailing how Collier became a part of Vigilance. It all began with mysterious texts and an abduction. Once abducted, he was told to call himself Peter Collier, and to fight against government surveillance under the brand name Vigilance. After what happened to his brother, he was happy to do it.
Back in the courthouse, Collier wants to know who is most responsible for Northern Lights, and Control (Camryn Manheim) stands up to protect him. Yeah, she's basically a BAMF, and holds her own as always against foolish people. Next on the stand is Senator Garrison (John Doman).
Root had told everyone, including Fusco (Kevin Chapman), to meet up at a certain spot in town. Reese casually brings up the Machine, and how Vigilance is causing a diversion to take focus away from the courthouse, leaving Fusco baffled. It seems that everyone forgot that Fusco isn't part of the "in the know" part of Team Machine.
Shaw soon arrives to rescue Root at the official headquarters of Team Samaritan (as in, where the actual Samaritan servers are located). Root seems quite appreciative. I'm not a "shipper" of any kind, but I do love their unique "professional" relationship.
Back at Kangaroo Court, the senator gives up Control, as in, "Control started it! Where's my mommy! Waaahhhhh!!!" Control, being the big girl she is, refuses to say a word. She may have an evil side, but at least she knows about loyalty. She would die first, which is exactly what Collier has in store for her. And Greer (John Nolan) seems to be having a blast. Looks as if he's about to pull out his secret stash of popcorn.
#PersonOfInterest @POIWritersRoom is it just me or does Greer look like he's having fun?!
— Lisquirt (Lisquirt) May 14, 2014
Root steals a couple of embedded RFID chips off the men they knock out, and use them to enter the building, where Root will be installing the seven servers she stole. Shaw has a bit of trouble with hers.
Meanwhile Reese and Hersh pull out the easiest trick in the book on one of the Vigilance troublemakers (Ari Butler) by donning their masks and telling him he's supposed to be somewhere else because "the courthouse is over here!" "Smart dude" says, "Nah, it's over here." Hey, would you like a side of brains with your concussion, guy?
Before Collier can kill Control, Finch stands up and confesses to being really good with computers... and to building Northern Lights, aka The Machine. He tells the whole story of the Machine on the promise that nobody else be horribly murdered.
OK, so it's lights out Finch after his story... until Decima arrives, that is. They wipe out everyone they can, allowing Control and the senator to escape. Greer stands and takes his place as their leader, ordering two more killings before they leave.
Meanwhile, Hersh attempts to stop a nearby bomb from going off, taking multiple shots and fighting off Decima guys as if he's invincible. He's not though, as we are made painfully aware when the bomb goes off, killing him.
Before killing Collier, Greer casually informs him that he was behind all those texts years before, and that he created him to be a "devil" so that his version of god (Samaritan) could rise. It's a heartbreaking moment. Why twist the knife before killing the poor guy? Just to be even more evil? Seeing as how Greer is the actual "devil" in this situation, that is likely.
Before killing Finch, Reese shows up to save the day. Unfortunately, Greer still gets away. Of course, he pins the bombing on Vigilance, convincing Control and Garrison to go forward with Samaritan immediately. Samaritan's first job is to kill the rest of Vigilance... which Greer created, meaning that he created them for the purpose of having lots of criminals to kill to make Samaritan look like the Holy Grail. Samaritan's second job? To become Greer's god, by giving him orders!
But what about the seven servers that Root stole, tweaked, then installed back into Samaritan? It turns out that they are not capable of shutting down Samaritan, but merely of allowing Team Machine to survive. Their hopes of stopping the new God Machine died when they failed to kill the senators. Each of the seven servers has one simple job: to cause each of seven people to be assessed as non-threats. Those seven include Root, Shaw, Reese, Finch, and Root's three techie groupies. Unfortunately, the Library is not on the safe list.
The wait for next season is going to be long and arduous!

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