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'Grimm' 3x21 'The Inheritance' Gif-Tweet-Cap: Grimms and Keys and Verrat, Oh My!

The following gifs are available on this Tumblr post. "The Inheritance" continues from the very end of last week's Grimm, where we got a glimpse of some old dying guy holding one of the three precious keys required to open some important and hidden treasure that the royals could use to destroy the world if they ever got their hands on it.

The episode begins with a lovely family dinner, and Monroe-Rosalee wedding talk. Then Trubel (Jacqueline Toboni) joins in. And she realllllly likes spaghetti. Nick (David Giuntoli) seems a bit embarrassed.
She also explains how she found out she was a Grimm: someone tried to rape her, he turned into a Wesen, called her a Grimm (which was the first time she had heard the term), and she stabbed him with a screwdriver (without killing him). It's the usual cheery dinner-talk for this show.
The old man, herein known as Grandpa Grimm (Sam Anderson), has a son named Josh (Lucas Near-Verbrugghe). Now, many fans find Josh to be highly annoying, but I personally find him to be one of the most hilarious characters I've ever seen on the show. In fact, my entire family was nearly rolling on the floor with laughter each time he said anything, or merely gave one of his freaked-out facial expressions. I love that guy. I hope he sticks around a little longer, and that when they off him, it's in an appropriate Grimm-ly humorous fashion.

Having said that, Grandpa Grimm wants to pass on all of his possessions to Nick, although they have never met. Josh spies on the dinner, then calls Nick to make sure "he's the guy," but has a really hard time believing in any of this Grimm stuff. His disbelief also makes him careless, and one of former FBI Agent Weston's (C. Thomas Howell) goons follow him, forcing Grandpa Grimm to kill him with a big sword when he attacks them. Here is a classic example of Josh being utterly and hilariously freaked out:
Josh wants to call the cops, believing his dad has just murdered some regular guy who was attacking them for no reason (which is completely irrationally hilarious).
Meanwhile, Adalind continues seducing Renard (Sasha Roiz) in her attempt to take Nick's powers. He even insultingly compliments her by saying he'd be in love with her if he didn't know her so well. He can't be falling for the seduction though, can he? Who cares, he's nekkid:
Weston sees that his goon is dead, and is exceedingly furious about his continued failure as a terrifying villain. Grandpa Grimm and Josh have already taken off, and pull off the road to stay in an old warehouse where they won't be found. Grandpa Grimm refuses to get medical attention until he speaks with Nick, while Josh whines.
He tells his son to show Nick one of his Grimm-diary Wesen drawings to prove that he should come talk to him. Josh is just exasperated with all these things he doesn't understand, but finally agrees to get it over with so that he can finally get some medical attention for his papa.
Over in the perfect world of Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee (Bree Turner), Rosalee is freaking out, worried that something horrible will happen at their wedding. Unfortunately, that's probably true. Let's just hope that they get to live happily ever after (minus Grimm-interruptions, uninvited houseguests and saving lives) once their wedding problems are over.
Renard siccs some Wu-surveillance on Adalind until she takes a cab. Then he just has Wu (Reggie Lee) call the cab company to find it's destination, and takes over from there.
While Nick and Hank (Russell Hornsby) speak with Renard about their favorite former-FBI buddy (sarcasm) following around an old man and his son and big trunk of treasure at the hotel (guess who they’re talking about), Josh shows up at Nick's doorstep. Trubel answers, and immediately calls Nick after seeing the drawing. When he doesn't answer, she decides to go with Josh in Nick's place, worried about the fact that Josh seems completely clueless to the danger he's in.
While everyone is out, Adalind breaks into Nick's house, stealing Juliette's (Bitsie Tulloch) scarf and some of her hair. Renard interrupts the break-in as Adalind is about to leave, and she knocks him out with a magical vase-toss:
Needless to say, Renard is pretty pissed when he wakes up:
Trubel introduces herself to Grandpa Grimm as Nick's friend and resident Grimm #2. He wants her to protect his trunk so that his non-believing son won't destroy it. Then, he finally agrees to go to the hospital, where his son almost immediately gives up their location to fake law enforcement over the phone.
Nick finally answers his phone and shows up, and Hank decides to watch the Volvo containing the trunk while Nick goes inside to speak with Grandpa Grimm. Josh basically tells Nick (in his oblivious fashion) that he told the Verrat where they are. They have to act fast, so Grandpa Grimm tells Nick about the key, then asks his son to grab his cane. Then he passes out before telling them where the key is, and Nick fills in Trubel on the short version of the key-story.
Hank calls Nick out when the Verrat shows up, warning that Trubel should stay inside. Luckily, she doesn't follow orders, because she out-fights both of them. When the fight is over, Trubel takes the Volvo home to keep the trunk safe.
Grandpa Grimm is dead, leaving his son with just one question for Nick: "What kind of cop are you?" At least he finally believes his dad, and more so once he meets even more believers: Rosalee and Monroe. They search all through the trunk for the key, unable to find it. Finally, they remember that Grandpa Grimm had asked for his cane (duh), and it takes Hank to crack the puzzle, leaving Juliette in a state of shock and awe:
Inking up the two keys and stamping them on paper makes a pretty map. They only need one more to be able to find the object that will destroy the universe. Sounds like fun!

Renard asks Wu for additional help in searching for Adalind, but it's too late. She grabs a witch-hat-bong, and smokes the green stuff she concocted out of Juliette's hair, skin cells, and probably a couple of toads and lizards or other appropriately disgusting and old decrepit creatures and bodily fluids. Then, she turns into Evil Juliette. Yay, a reason for Juliette to exist!

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