Thursday, May 8, 2014

'Elementary' 2x22 'Paint It Black' Gif-Tweet-Cap: Mycroft Is So Dead!

The following gifs have also been loaded onto this Tumblr post. "Paint It Black" continues from last week's Elementary, focusing on Joan Watson’s (Lucy Liu) abduction by Marchef (Henri Lubatti) from the French Mafia group Le Milieu. Mycroft (Rhys Ifans) is still around as well, and is not the man we thought he was (and more like the books). Oh, and Lucy Liu directed the episode!
Marchef calls Mycroft from Watson's phone to let him know what he's done, while Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) repeatedly calls Joan with no answer. He drones on in annoyance over the idea that she may be sleeping with Mycroft until cut off, then calls back with a short and sweet, "Please call back and let me know you're OK."
Marchef tells Joan that Mycroft gave him her photo and knows what is going on. He has to come through on a deal before he lets her go. Otherwise, she's dead. He feels the need to get uncomfortably close when telling her these things.
Meanwhile, Mycroft tells Sherlock about his predicament, causing Sherlock to lose his mind and wish that Mycroft had died of leukemia.
Mycroft says that they have to complete a job for the bad guys, and then Joan will be released. Their job is to find a guy named Pierce Norman, a former vice president of a Swiss bank who downloaded names and information of wealthy private account customers. If they succeed, Sherlock wants Mycroft to leave them alone forever.
Sherlock and Mycroft begin by simply being their father’s sons. Their goal is to look through Norman’s office at the Swiss bank, and the bankers are very happy to see them. They treat Sherlock and Mycroft to a large unnecessary banquet, causing Sherlock to scoff. Sherlock tells the executive, Mr. Hostetler (Andrew Halliday), that he will not tell the entire company about his manic depression (which Sherlock deduced, of course), as long as he gives them access to Norman’s office. Yoder (Michael Gaston), the head of security, sees them to Norman’s office, and observes their work.
The pair leave after Sherlock pretends not to find a clue about Norman. The NSA picks them up soon after, so Sherlock simply tells them that they have the same goal: finding Norman. And Sherlock will do it for free. Then, he destroys his phone, and his brother's watch and phone, to prevent the NSA from listening in on their progress.
The clue Sherlock had found earlier was that Norman had chatted with someone named L3G0L4$$5 (which they believe to be "Lego-Lass") on a video game. It turns out that the name Lego-Lass is actually taken from Legolas from The Lord of the Rings, and the handle belongs to a man who was also Norman's lover. He tells them of a somewhat secret place where Norman used to hang out. Sherlock takes over the question-asking, as he feels his brother is a "buffoon" in comparison to Watson.
They find Norman dead at the house, but he has been dead for over a week! That means someone else killed him and committed the crimes in his name. Once again, Sherlock is "befuddled" by Mycroft's lack of deduction skills.
After some digging, they find that Yoder, the Swiss bank head of security, was responsible. Sherlock tases him right away as he hands them a list of people who had access to Norman’s computer.
Sherlock then sets him on a bed of plastic, threatening to torture him with all sorts of creative devices unless he give up the location of the list. Yoder says they don’t have proof, but Sherlock says he is the only man with skilled military training and the required high level of access. It’s not enough proof for a conviction, but it’s enough for their own purposes (getting Joan back).
They get the list, so Sherlock decides that their next move should be to call the NSA for help to ensure that Watson will stay safe. Mycroft has other plans, however.
This entire time, Mycroft has been speaking with the mysterious voice who had wanted him to convince Sherlock to move away from New York. He then agrees to bring the list to the man.
Meanwhile, Marchef's cousin has been shot, and Joan offers to help him. After hours of working on him, she finally concludes that the cousin has internal bleeding, and will die without hospital care. Instead, Marchef shoots him dead.
Sherlock goes to the NSA after Mycroft disappears, but there's not much they can do. Mycroft saves the day, however, when he brings the list to exchange for Joan. He decides to kill them both anyway, until Mycroft utters a code phrase.

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