Tuesday, May 13, 2014

'Person of Interest' 3x22 'A House Divided' Gif-Tweet-Cap: FIIIIIIIIIIINCH!!!!!!

The following gifs are also available on this Tumblr post. "A House Divided" continues from last week's Person of Interest, with Finch (Michael Emerson) having been abducted by Decima. The action and intrigue is almost to the point of jumping the shark, but viewers are still barely on their seats. We haven't fallen out of our chairs... yet.

Throughout the episode, we see flashbacks of Collier (Leslie Odom Jr.) that explain why he's such a nutball. He enjoys time with his friendly brother, until the brother is arrested by the NSA, giving no answers because of some "national security exception" idiocy.
In the present, a Decima goon jumps to his death rather than answer a few of Reese's (James Caviezel) questions. Root (Amy Acker) walks up and says that they do it for insurance... the families of these goons get generous paydays when they off themselves. Reese wants to keep working to save Finch, but Root says he's not in immediate danger.
Meanwhile, Greer (John Nolan) is being his usual arrogant self, trying to convince Finch that Samaritan is better because the world needs "structure."
Root does some of her magic, stealing keys off a dead guy to get into his car because that's what the Machine wants.
Then, she reveals her very own "nerd herd," and the fact they've been collecting "contraband":
She gives everyone their orders, basically taking Finch's place in a very real-time, fast-paced way.
Greer the tries to convince Senator Garrison (John Doman) that he should buy information from Samaritan without owning the system. He is completely befuddled as to why he should allow Decima to keep Samaritan, and Greer says it's all for "plausible deniability," which is something every politician loves to hear. Decima takes the blame when the wrong person is put in prison for years or dies because of Samaritan.
The Machine spits out five numbers, with Control (Camryn Manheim) being the first. Root sends Shaw (Sarah Shahi) to go protect her old boss, even though she would much rather kill her (painfully). She breaks into a room where she'll be able to listen in on Control, mowing down a couple of surprise secret service agents (without killing them, of course).
Reese and Root hang out in a coffee shop, with Reese confused as to why the Machine wants them to "drink bad coffee" with "unemployed college grads."

Shaw's "itchy trigger finger" gets a nervous twitch as she listens to the senator convince Control to go all in with Samaritan, which would turn the country into "1984."
Meanwhile, Greer wonders why Finch injured his "son," aka the Machine. Like Root with the Machine, he doesn't want to control Samaritan, but to set it free. But isn't he the guy who wants to sell the info to the Feds, and use it for his own benefit? Wouldn't the idea of being like a god skew his view just a tad?
Control is all in favor of Samaritan, and works to convince another politician to jump on board by explaining how his son's life was mostly likely saved because of the Machine, and Samaritan is the new and improved upgrade.
Root and Reese question a guy at the coffee shop, but he goes all machine-gunny on them until Reese handles him. He's Vigilance, and Collier is about to crash Control's party!
Then we have another flashback, where we learn that Collier's brother has killed himself in prison, only to learn that the brother had rehabilitated a terrorist. He wasn't plotting destruction as the NSA had believed when they saw the brother hanging out with the known terrorist on surveillance. Collier had let his feelings be known to some Fed lady, who seems to think that only the guilty kill themselves. No wonder she feels that way: she looks like an utterly miserable person:
Root convinces Shaw that she needs to save Control rather than murder her horribly, but Vigilance grabs her first. Then they manage to shut off all the power in New York. Worse yet, cell tower back-up power is very low. They need some satellite phones!
As Greer goes on about how he wants Samaritan to "lead" them as a god (or at least as a mechanical president, of sorts), Vigilance shows up and abducts them all. Collier is especially happy to see Finch there. What a nice surprise!
Hersh (Boris McGiver) shows up, and Reese and Shaw decide to join forces with him to help find and save Finch (and his Fed friends as well, of course).
Root gives her nerds fake identities, and sends them off, despite the fact that they want to stay with her out of loyalty. Her plan is to shut down Samaritan, right at the anti-Machine's headquarters.
Reese, Shaw, and Hersh then watch a TV screen from the room where Greer had been holding Finch, as Vigilance reveal the faces of all of the "accused" in Collier's very own kangaroo court.
Collier has the heads of all of the "accused" in his little kangaroo court.

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