Monday, May 5, 2014

'Person of Interest' 3x21 'Beta' Gif-Tweet-Cap: Not a Good Samaritan!

I've also loaded the following gifs onto this Tumblr post. Samaritan went online in the last episode of Person of Interest, and it is now ready for its first "Beta" test. The goal of the test? Find Harold Finch! Well, and also to catch some terrorists, but of course terrorists are only a secondary goal for the evil Greer.

Shaw and Reese seem completely unaware at the moment, tracking irrelevants even as Finch has been out of touch. Shaw's first job of the episode turns into two. The first is to convince a poor papa to just take some diapers and leave his empty gun on the floor rather than continuing with his convenience store hold-up.
Her second is to beat up the real threat of the store: the stock boy who turned off the security cameras and has a gun.
As Reese and Shaw leave the store, Root pulls Shaw aside (literally) for a little chat.

The Machine has told Root about Samaritan being online for its beta test, and they need to stay out of sight of cameras and Decima henchmen. Reese temporarily refuses when he gets a pay-phone call from the Machine, until the Machine let's Root in on it: Finch's former fiancรฉe Grace is in trouble!
A Decima bad guy tricks Grace into thinking he's there to take her to the airport for a flight to Italy. She is an artist with a potential job there. Instead, he attempts to knock her out with a drug cocktail. The dynamic duo of Reese and Shaw save the day with a little one-two knockout.
They take Grace to Fusco's police precinct, but there are cameras everywhere in there, and Grace doesn't understand what's happening. Decima sends in a "Fed" to take her away, but Fusco sends him into a room to get beat up by Reese. Then Grace attempts to leave, and Root has to convince her that they're trying to help her with some crazy-talk.
Finally, Root instructs Fusco on bringing her the tools she needs to knock all the precinct cameras offline so they can escape the city. Unfortunately, that's not enough. Their car gets sideswiped by a semi because those realistic car crash scenes have become so popular -- and it gets me every time (the first one I remember was on the show Alias, although I don't know where it originated).
They take Grace, and Greer begins questioning her about Harold. She begins answering until he hints that he was lying to her. At that point, she has had enough of his creepiness, and does her best "Eww Jazz Hands" dance.
Meanwhile, Reese, Shaw and Root do their research from outside the city. They grab a ride concealed in a truck to where they believe Grace is being held. She's not there, but Samaritan's state of the art servers are there. They do find a tablet that the Machine uses to find Grace' true location. Reese and Shaw take off, while Root stays behind with the servers.
Reese and Shaw make the mistake of paying someone to drive their car on the other side of town as a diversion. When Decima stops the car, Greer immediately realizes that his location has been compromised, so he takes Grace to a new location before Shaw and Reese arrive in the trunk of a cab. Then he projects his giant creepy face on the wall to tell Virgil, the one poor geek he left behind, to off himself. He also insists that they trade Finch for Grace, or Grace dies.
Finch shows up regardless of the fact that Reese wants to help Grace escape without him. He insists on making the exchange, and asks Reese and Shaw to "kill them all" if they hurt Grace. At least Greer keeps Grace blindfolded so she can't see that Finch is still alive.
Before the exchange, Finch had seen to it that Grace got the job she wanted in Italy, so she can move away and out of further danger.
After getting his hands on Finch, Greer uses Samaritan to help law enforcement nab a terrorist. That makes the senator happy, and ready to go forward with it. For now, however, the beta test is over, and Samaritan is offline. So how will the gang fight this? Well, Root steals seven of Samaritan's servers, which she will no doubt use to even the score. It's not over!

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