Friday, May 9, 2014

'Grimm' 3x20 'My Fair Wesen' Gif-Tweet-Cap: Wesen Theft-Ring Creep-Fest

The following gifs are also available on this Tumblr post. "My Fair Wesen" continues from last week's Grimm, with Nick (David Giuntoli) bringing home Grimm Trubel (Jacqueline Toboni) to stay with Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) and him. In the continuing subplot, the prince has convinced Adalind (Claire Coffee) that she can be with her baby as long as she removes Nick's power. Good thing we now have potential Grimm backup!
Juliette is outraged that Nick has brought home a Wesen-murderer, seemingly unconcerned that Nick has also killed bad Wesen, and that all of her kills were in self-defense. She also hates the fact that Grimmette is not fond of utensils when scarfing down their Chinese food.
The Wesen of the week are an odd bunch. They are basically a shoplifting ring that steals for the aptly-named Lebensauger (leech-man) leader, Ken (Michael Graziadei) — he leads a group of "dolls"... get it? When Cammy (Kiah Stern), one of the thieving women, gets temporarily caught before escaping, it spells death-by-face-sucking.
Trubel is given some utensils with which to scarf her food, and Nick and Juliette simply stare in amazement (and some amount of disgust). Trubel also wonders how on earth Juliette, as a normal person, can be married to a Grimm -- except they're not married. Ooops!
Meanwhile, Renard (Sasha Roiz) takes Adalind to a hotel, where she tries to seduce him. He can't possibly fall for that crap!
More Trubel: she's having nightmares, and attempts to leave the house. Nick is out there waiting for her, and convinces her that he only wants to help, and enjoys having another Grimm around. In the morning, help comes in the form of a Wesen-lesson with Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee (Bree Turner). Trubel doesn't much care for polite introductions, however, only in Wesen labels.
Nick and Hank (Russell Hornsby) are called to the scene of the murdered young woman, but they can't leave Trubel with Monroe and Rosalee because that would be weird. Instead, they ponder a cover story for Trubel until Hank finally comes up with "criminology student." When they make it to the scene, they find the girl with all the blood sucked out through her mouth area and neck.
Trubel makes the mistake of saying that the killer must be Wesen right in front of Wu (Reggie Lee), but fixes her mistake quickly by saying it's German for "no blood left."
They go off to the trailer for study time, and find that the creature is known as a Lebansauer, or leech. Trubel also spots a photo of a Siegbarste, which she notes is the creature who killed her foster parents. Way to send the episode into depressing depths!
The Nick/Hank/Trubel team go to Cammy's New Beginnings halfway house to ask around, leaving Trubel in the car. They all play dumb until Trubel sees two of them talking, and one of the girls (Mavil Avila) turns into a Mauzhertz Wesen. She runs up to one of them against Nick's protests, and gets a location.
The trio go on a stakeout, which Trubel finds beyond boring, until they spot a possible suspect. Trubel runs out of the car all gung-ho, making herself over into a homeless beggar within minutes. Nick just about loses it until Hank throws a little logic into the mix: this may actually work.
It does work! The only problem is that Donna (Karissa Lee Staples), the female suspect, whisks Trubel away before Nick and Hank can even grab more than a partial license plate number. As they look for her, Leader Ken of the Creepiest "Family" in the Universe immediately begins work, starting with a makeover and heel-practice.
To make things even more creepy, he makes her smile. Her smile is surprisingly creepy as well, which means she'll fit right in!
Trubel is beyond creeped out, and tries to escape the easy way by saying that she just needs to grab her things, but Ken wonders why she would ever want to leave her new "loving family" for any reason. He then informs her that all new members have the "privilege" of sleeping in his room the first night.
Once he has her in his room, she practically knocks his teeth out before he even has a chance to try anything disgusting. Yay! But then he changes and sees that she's a Grimm, and a fight ensues. When he informs Donna that Theresa (Trubel) is a Grimm, she changes into a leech-face as well, making for a more difficult fight. Hank and Nick track down the warehouse, and Nick manages to shoot Ken while Trubel stabs “Barbie” (Donna).
Meanwhile, Adalind gets access to her dead mother's storage container, looking for a specific book. When she finally finds it, she is unable to open it until she breaks some glass in frustration. She uses the glass to try to pry the book open, cutting herself. When the blood drips down and smokes like any healthy Hexen-blood should, the book finally opens. We don't yet know what's in it.
Then, we cut to Trubel apologizing and asking Nick to continue training and helping her. He's inexplicably frustrated, even though they probably never would have caught the creepers without her help. He'd rather put it off until tomorrow, and Trubel condescendingly (and hilariously) tells him that he looks like he could use some sleep, then writes an entry in her personal Grimm encyclopedia.
At the end, we have a few-seconds clip of an old man (Sam Anderson) holding one of the three keys. I have no idea who this guy is, but he's clearly at death's door. Let's just hope the good guys get that key!

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