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'Elementary' 2x18 'The Hound of the Cancer Cells' GifTweetCap: Poor Chipmunk!

The following gifs can be found on this Tumblr post. "The Hound of the Cancer Cells” episode of Elementary is not quite what it sounds like. It’s not really a take on "The Hound of the Baskervilles,” but just a clever name based on a cancer research device. Still, it has the sufficient twists and turns we’ve come to expect from the series. Oh, and the show has been renewed!
The episode begins with Det. Bell (Jon Michael Hill) presenting Watson (Lucy Liu) with her own case of finding missing witness Nicole Watkins (Christina Jackson). Then, we cut to a guy named Barry Granger (Jason Danieley) being helium-murdered in a shower at work.
Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) quickly deduces the method of murder.

Granger had been working on a lung-cancer-detecting breathalyzer that he called The Hound, but a journalist known as Adam Peer had claimed that the published results had been faked. His boss, Hank Prince (Mather Zickel), has an alibi placing him with his girlfriend at the time of the murder, and he also claims that the results were not falsified. Plus, why would he want to devalue his own company?
After some searching, Sherlock and Watson find that Adam Peer was actually Granger himself, along with a woman from another company. They had worked together in proving that the results of other, harmful products had been falsified. Their Adam Peer name was hijacked in order to put out a false report about The Hound, destroying the credibility of Granger and his company.
Meanwhile, Watson finds the witness, but she is afraid to testify because she's pregnant. She is staying with an old teacher, Manny Rose (Ron Canada), who had been a legend in Bell's community for chasing off gangbangers with a bat. Bell says that she doesn't have to testify, but Rose is not happy about that. He decides to take matters into his own hands to kill Martens, the murderer Watkins was scheduled to testify against. Rose gets the job done, but Martens' friends shoot Rose in the process, leaving Bell in a funk.
In another side story, Watson keeps trying to ask Sherlock why he doesn't want to go to a recovery party for Bell, but he keeps cutting her off. Eventually, he points out that it's because the party is at a bar, and he's a drug addict. Like, duh! But Watson had no idea it was going to be at a bar.

Back to the main plot... Sherlock wakes Watson early, once again, to work on the case. He then presents her with a run-on sentence of coffee-fueled thoughts.
Prince comes back into focus when his estranged wife is shot with his own gun. Once again, his girlfriend serves as his alibi. Sherlock doesn't fall for it this time, after speaking with competitors who would have the best motive for destroying Prince. No, Prince actually had the best motive for temporarily destroying himself, devaluing his own company so that his wife would not be able to get any of his money when they divorced. He could then build the company back up again later.
His plan fell apart when Sherlock and Watson solved the case too quickly (before the divorce was finalized), so Prince had to kill his wife to make it look as if he was being framed. But when Sherlock checked the girlfriend’s files, they found that she was searching dating sites for men who looked like Prince… and the partition in the cab was set so that the cab driver could only see the girlfriend.
The episode closes at Bell's party. Sherlock has changed his mind about going, but Bell doesn't want to go inside because of his sadness over the death of his favorite legend. Sherlock offers an alternative.

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