Friday, March 14, 2014

'Teen Wolf' GifTweetCap: Enough Crazy to Go Around

The first 10 of these gifs can be found on this Tumblr post. The last 7 can be found on this one. Note: I was invited to do my very first guest spot on a podcast, discussing this episode, on the Welcome to Beacon Hills Podcast (Ep 006). "De-Void" continues where last week's episode of Teen Wolf left off, in Derek's (Tyler Hoechlin) loft. It's one of the better episodes this season, with all the action and gore that can possibly be packed into a single episode.
The episode starts off with Evil Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) willingly allowing Sheriff Stilinski (Linden Ashby) to handcuff him. That's all part of the fun game of How Freaked out Can Stiles' Loved Ones Get? Apparently, pretty freaked out, judging by his dad's face when Evil Stiles breaks out of the cuffs faster than it took to put them on.
Soon, everyone else, minus Scott (Tyler Posey) and Kira (Arden Cho), join the party. Up next to play the game is Allison (Crystal Reed), who throws out some wild taser electricity. Stiles grabs that wire of shimmering energy like a benign rope, yanking the taser gun to which it's attached out of Allison's hands.
Whose turn is it now? Bad boy Derek, of course! It's unclear whether blue eyes have made him weaker, or if alpha-ness wouldn't matter against Dark Stiles, but Derek really gets thrown for a loop.
Finally, Papa Argent (J.R. Bourne) decides to put an end to the nonsense with a gun. We've come full circle when the ball is tossed back to Sheriff Stilinski for the final round. Evil Stiles, meanwhile, is highly amused by the turn of events. He also feeds off their anger. *STRIFE*, as Allison points out.
Lastly, the Smoke Monsters... er... Oni glide into the loft, and it's really on. Nogitsune Stiles was just biding time so all of Stiles' buddies could save him from the Smoke Monster Oni.
After the battle, Derek is left with a nice cut on the shoulder, but everyone else is fine. Evil Stiles and the Smoke Monsters (Hey, that could be the name of a band!) are nowhere to be seen... until Kira's mom spots him in the basement of Eichen House as she's planning to hide her last remaining knife (representing the last of her nine tails) with the body of her dead boyfriend. Nogitsune Stiles/Evil-Dead-Boyfriend-Spirit Stiles takes it from her and stabs himself with it, releasing a torrent of flies from his belly (for the sake of CHAOS). Why didn't he just do that earlier... or was he having too much fun messing with Stiles' loved ones?
So then the flies go around infecting all the werewolves, except Scott, who is making out with Kira in his room. Are the flies not able to infect him, or is the fly meant for him just too lazy to go around when it's presented with a closed window? Either way, Isaac (Daniel Sharman) (still in a hospital bed, unable to heal), Derek and the twins (another band name?) are all infected by the Evil Bug.
Lydia has one of her bug-out moments, triggered by malfunctioning car electronics, and pulls into a (mostly) empty parking lot. Evil Stiles is laying on the ground, passed out. They bring him back to Scott's house, where Dr. Deaton (Seth Gilliam) drugs him up with a little Kanima venom. He wakes and nearly chokes out Aiden (Max Carver) before the drug kicks in and paralyzes him.
Evil Stiles begins spewing his anger-and-fight-causing words -- including tricking Aiden into going off to protect his twin (Charlie Carver) from *PAIN*, when Dark Stiles knows he's actually sending him off to fight and possibly kill his brother -- until Dr. Deaton shuts up his paralyzed body with a little duct tape. Hey, duct tape really can be used for everything!
Meanwhile, the evil-bug-infected werewolves begin acting evil. For now, this mostly consists of shooting the evil-eye off to the side to show that they are thinking evil thoughts. Also, Isaac is miraculously healed, and makes out with an inexplicably unaware Allison. Later, he chains her to the bed and takes off to kill the twins to avenge Erica and Boyd.
Evil Stiles, who is king of the evil-eye, having birthed the evil-eye-causing Evil Flies (does that make him Lord of the Flies?), feigns tears to trick Mama McCall (Melissa Ponzio) into removing his duct tape. He uses the moment to continue his game of How Freaked out Can Stiles' Loved Ones Get? by telling her that Stiles knows the truth about why Scott's dad left, and that Scott will never forgive her if (translation: when) he finds out. Thus begins a new secret waiting to be revealed.
By the way, Agent McCall (Matthew Del Negro) saves Sheriff Stilinski's job, so all that worry was for nothing. Although, Stilinski does mention that McCall should tell his son the truth about why he left. Does that mean the only thing Scott's mom did wrong was to not tell Scott about what happened (whatever it was)?
Then the Evil Fly Werewolves begin to actually act out their evil thoughts, starting with the twins. The twins fight each other, until Isaac shoots them with a taser dart. I apologize ahead of time, but... he tased those bros!
Then Allison bonks Isaac over the head, but comes to the realization that all small children come to at some point when they hit someone bigger than they are: that may not have been the best idea. The twins wake, and all three werewolves come after Allison and Kira until they realize that it's way more fun to beat up someone their own size (each other).
Scott considers turning Stiles into a werewolf, but the gang decides to call Peter (Ian Bohen) and his stupid smirk for help. Peter says that Stiles is too weak, and will probably die rather than turn. Instead, he suggests he do the Werewolf Mind Meld. He also suggests Lydia go in with him. Being Peter, his suggestion involves a price which is revealed later.
Derek is also up to evil, covering Chris Argent with gasoline.
Derek plans on paying back Chris for the acts of his family by burning him alive. But don't worry -- he's going to wait for Allison to arrive, so she can watch. Of course, in TV language, that actually means that Chris has time for things to go back to normal before anything really bad actually happens.
Chris forgets that things fix themselves on this show, so he knocks himself backward, slips his restraints, and grabs a fat gun from under his desk. Then, he jams it under Derek's chin. Uh-oh!
Meanwhile, Scott and Lydia have entered Evil Stiles' mind. Initially, they are trapped within a few fake thoughts (one of which involves Lydia calling out for Jackson -- because of the Kanima venom, perhaps? -- and Peter calling out to save Lydia from dying in her sleep), but they quickly break free of them. And the solution to breaking out of the nogitsune's mind is surprisingly simple (and all Lydia's idea): howl so that Stiles can find his "pack" (even though he's human, he's also a part of Scott's pack). The hold on Stiles is almost immediately broken, and he knocks down the Go game (which looks like crazy checkers) he's playing with Mummy Man.
The trio wake up, but Stiles is unchanged until Peter takes his payment from Lydia. When she tells him the name of his supposed daughter (Malia, the coyote), Stiles begins throwing up Mummy Man bandage worms, and Supernatural demon smoke. This also dispels the evil flies from the other wolves, saving Derek from having his head blown off.
The bandages then rise up into another Mummy Man, but it turns out to be Stiles. Apparently, it's the real Stiles. If this is another trick, I may have to hurt the writers... badly. Or, at least send them an angry tweet. Seriously, though, it was an awesome mindbend to see Stiles puke himself out.
After Evil Stiles barfs up the good version of himself he disappears with Lydia, which is another clue that all this has something to do with Malia. Wolves and foxes and coyotes, oh my!

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