Friday, March 7, 2014

'Grimm' GifTweetCap: How to Kill a Wildesheer

Most of the following gifs are available on this Tumblr post. Last week, Grimm ended with Monroe's (Silas Weir Mitchell) parents learning the truth about his fiancée being a Fuchsbau, and that he's besties with a Grimm. Rosalee (Bree Turner) had just left in frustration as Nick (David Giuntoli) decided to drop by. This week, the episode "Revelation," continues with their fury at having just learned that A Grimm is standing right in front of them.

It starts out with Nick punching Monroe's dad Bart (Chris Mulkey). Nick feels a bit guilty for the punch after he learns that he's Monroe's dad, but not that guilty, since Monroe's dad was trying to kill him. His dad goes off on a tirade about Blutbaden being Blutbaden, and Grimms being Grimms, and Fuchsbau being Fuchsbau... and how none of these things should mix, blah blah blah.
After he sends his parents off, Monroe becomes a bit ticked that Nick only ever wants to come over when he needs help with a case. Of course, he's there to ask about Woden (Matt Lasky), the scalping fiend from last week's episode, whose favorite past time is creating human hair coats, so Monroe sends him off in frustration as well.
Meanwhile, Woden is busy enjoying his second favorite past time: enjoying roasted marshmallows ... er... hot coals by the campfire.
Then, some poor schmuck of a cop (Sean Graham) comes along, and decides to take matters into his own hands, after being warned that this guy is incredibly dangerous, and he should wait for backup. Bits and pieces of him wind up everywhere. Oh, and there are two Wildesheer!
Nick decides that Monroe is right about relying on him too much for Wesen goings-on, so he enlists Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) to take his place as researcher-in-chief. She seems just a little overly excited about what she finds. She also wants Nick to take the scalper danger seriously, since the scalps of powerful people give them even more power. A Grimm would certainly be a big target.
Monroe eases Rosalee's mind, and they sleep together in the spice shop to ensure they won't have any 'rents disturbing them. Rosalee is prepared to break up to avoid tearing his family apart, but Monroe insists that he wants a happy life with her over the hatred and bigotry of his parents.
He then goes to visit with his parents at their hotel for one last stab at convincing them. Instead, his father insults Rosalee, and refuses to accept Monroe's life choices.
Monroe cries at the thought of tearing his family apart, but just can't deal with them anymore, and bids them a final farewell.
Meanwhile, Renard (Sasha Roiz) gets word from his lackeys that Stefania (Shohreh Aghdashloo) has betrayed Adalind (Claire Coffee), and she's in danger. He believes her child is also his, and sends Sebastien (Christian Lagadec) to help save her. Sebastien then sends Meisner (Damien Puckler) in. Meisner helps her -- and the female viewers -- by taking off his shirt. Yummy!
The bad guys enter the bedroom where Meisner is disguised as Adalind's lover in bed. Adalind tries to talk some sense into them, but one of them shoves her right in the prego belly. Meisner shoots him, then Adalind -- or her Satan baby, or both of them, or whatever -- send a pen right into the other bad guy's eye.
Monroe's mom Alice (Dee Wallace Stone) isn't quite as bigoted as his father, so she decides to leave her husband to go back home while she tries to win her precious son back. Her first step is to do what appears to be the civilized version of a butt-sniffing ritual with Rosalee. They seem good with each other now.
Monroe realizes that he was hard on his pal, and decides to restart the bromantic kindle. When he learns that Nick is about to go up against a Wildesheer, he's even more adamant about helping out. He begins by pulling out his favorite childhood book. Ironically, it was his favorite at the time because "the Grimm gets obliterated." Unfortunately, it only says what will happen when Wildesheer appear ("thunder and howling wind," like the "gates of hell opening up"), not how to beat them. The Grimm is supposed to lose in that book, after all.
The Wildesheer are drawn to the powerful people (such as Grimms) who they want to scalp, so Monroe and Nick decide to leave Monroe's house quickly, before they show up there. Before they leave, Monroe's dad shows up in search of his wife. After spewing more hate, and the expectation that they are going off to kill some poor, innocent Wesen, Monroe finally gets a word in edgewise to tell his dad that they're off to fight Wildesheer. Daddy disapproves, afraid that his son doesn't know what he's getting himself into, but they leave anyway.
Papa Blutbad follows the pair as they take off for the trailer to find out how to kill the scalping beasts. Once there, they grab a couple of big guns and knives, and find a reference to the creatures on one of the books. One of Nick's ancestors had theorized that cutting their hair off would remove their power, but the theory had never been tested.
Just as they are getting their stuff together in the trailer, they hear the thunder and wind referenced in Monroe's childhood book. They step out to find, not one, not two, but three Wildesheer! After realizing that their guns are completely worthless against these guys, they hide under the trailer, but are pulled right back out for more fighting.
As Monroe is attacked, his dad decides to jump into the action and save his son.
Eventually, Nick is finally able to cut the matted hair off Woden, and he bleeds right out of his mop! From that point, it's cake. He just goes around and lops off their hair. --Some fans were more impressed than others.
Monroe's dad finally seems to have a glimmer of understanding, but also has an ominous warning: when Wildesheer come around, it means something horrible is about to happen, which will change the world. Then, we see that Adalind is about to give birth to her evil child. This is going to be interesting!
Later, the gang finally sits down for a painfully awkward, but somewhat peaceful, dinner with Monroe's parents.

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