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'Person of Interest' GifTweetCap: More Villains Means More Fun

The gifs on this recap are available on this Tumblr post. Please scroll to the bottom if you'd like to help me ensure renewal for one of my favorite shows! Person of Interest introduces yet another recurring bad guy in the episode "Last Call." Somehow, we will never tire of these horrible people, because they create so much intrigue for the show… and the writers always manage to make each one scarier than the last.

The episode begins with Finch (Michael Emerson) on the phone... taking 911 calls. His first call sounds as if it's a serious situation, but it turns out to be a squirrel hijacking.
He could use some help figuring out why the gang's latest number is Sandra Nicholson (Melissa Sagemiller), a supervisor of trainees at a 911 call center, but Fusco (Kevin Chapman) isn't much help. After arresting Simmons, he is now the hero of the department, and this makes him snippy with all the rookies who want his help.
Finch tells Fusco that he deserves the attention, and should be proud of being a mentor. After the call, Fusco decides to mentor the rookie (Gavin Stenhouse) he dismissed earlier.
Later, a trainee takes serious call concerning a child abduction of a boy named Aaron (Julian Shatkin), and Sandra takes it over. Finch, Reese (James Caviezel), and Shaw (Sarah Shahi) are all listening in on Sandra and each other, so Reese and Shaw take off right away to try to save the kid before the kidnappers find him hiding in his closet. Unfortunately, the kidnappers find him before they arrive.
It turns out that the kidnappers are working for a man who is targeting Sandra. It's all a ploy to force her into deleting a day's worth of 911 calls from the previous day. If she doesn't do it, the man who owns the creepy voice on the other end of the line will have Aaron murdered.
When Sandra writes down "HELP ME" in an area with no surveillance, Mr. Mysterious Voice sees her. He seems to have been able to hack into everything, and is able to see everyone.
All attempts to find Mr. Mysterious Voice fail. When he is tracked to a limo, Shaw stops it and looks inside. Foiled again!
Finch asks Shaw to interrogate the driver (Tommy Walker) of the limo to get a description of the man who hired him. She does so gladly, and his description sounds like someone with Templarios -- a kidnapping ring for the Mexican cartel.
The only thing our mysterious bad guy is unable to do himself is actually delete the calls from the previous day, because they have to be deleted from one specific terminal. But Sandra can't just delete everything from an entire day without access to a special admin code. She needs to steal a key fob in order to get the code.
Before Sandra leaves to get the key fob, Finch walks in behind her, and informs her that the bad guy has implanted a small camera on her headset. That is how he is able to see everything. She has to be careful not to look at Finch. But when she returns to the room, she is flustered thinking about what she has done, and accidentally looks at Finch!
Mr. Mysterious Voice is furious when he sees that someone is helping her, and sets off a bomb nearby to prove he's serious. The next bomb is attached to Aaron.
Meanwhile, Finch had enlisted Fusco to help find the one 911 call that Mr. Mysterious Voice must be targeting. He eventually finds it before their time is up, and it just so happens that the rookie's case with which he decided to help is related to Finch's case!
Fusco's case involves the murder of a young woman who slept with Ron Kincaid (David Andrew MacDonald), the CFO of a private equity firm, so he decided to kill her to keep it quiet. Fusco explains to them how a boy's life is in danger because of all this. Well, his wife Gina (Kathleen McNenny), the CEO, is just as sleazy, because she's the one who hired someone to erase the evidence. Stupidly, she has no real idea of who she hired, and no way to stop them.
Fortunately, Mr. Mysterious Voice hears of their confession, and stops Sandra from deleting the files right before she presses the button. But now he's going to kill Aaron and her anyway to keep the whole situation under wraps. At least Fusco bought them some time: 15 minutes, that is.
Reese locates the Templarios members, and attempts to beat out some information about their boss. Shaw seems upset that he did all the fun work before she arrives.
Well, he left the best for last. The apparent boss (Omar Gonzalez) is untouched, but he isn't Mr. Mysterious Voice. He was merely hired by Mr. Mysterious Voice. Shaw gets to have her fun on him with a pair of pliers. Reese and Shaw arrive at Aaron's location after Shaw "managed to pry it out" of the Templario guy.
There are more Templarios lying in wait with Aaron, so Reese sends up one of his suits to terrify them.
While Shaw is kneecapping the Templarios and Reese is disarming the bomb attached to Aaron -- finishing the job with the obligatory 2 seconds to spare -- Finch and Sandra are being shot at after an evacuation caused by a blackout set in motion by Mr. Mysterious Voice. Finch sets up a trap, threatening to throw a live wire into the large puddle of water in which the bad guy is standing. But of course, he is not Mr. Mysterious Voice either, but only working for him -- just like everyone else we lay eyes on in the episode.
Finch later gets a call from one of the phones Mr. Mysterious Voice left for the team, and informs him that he no longer has a need to harm Aaron or Sandra. He simply informs Finch that he'll "be seeing" him. What a round-about way of accomplishing nothing! Perhaps his goal from the beginning was to bring out Finch, and get the Templarios out of his way for some other purpose. Maybe he's just sick and disturbed. Who knows?

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