Monday, March 24, 2014

'Teen Wolf' 3x23 'Insatiable' GifTweetCap: Who Dies?

Most of the following gifs are available on this Tumblr post. "Insatiable" is the second-to-last Teen Wolf episode of the season, and also contains the "falling of a hero," which had been advertised. Many fans were hoping that "falling" wouldn't necessarily mean dying, but those people were wayyy off. There's definitely some dying goin' on here!
The show starts with what first appears (because of past experience) to be some sort of heavy sexual encounter, until we see that Dr. Deaton (Seth Gilliam) is there and fully clothed, stuffing his hand down the throats of Isaac (Daniel Sharman) and the twins (Max Carver and Charlie Carver). No, it's still not sexual: he's just pulling out dead Evil Flies and black, tar-like gunk.
Oh, and the gang still doesn't know whether appear-from-thin-air, mummy-barf-mummy Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) is the "real" Stiles (even though he's not in his original body). The first tests are of course conducted by the most non-supernaturally-inclined, and least likely to be able to protect herself in the bunch: Mama McCall (Melissa Ponzio). And, she's in the room alone with him!
Just checking his vitals isn't enough, of course. Stiles calls on Mama Yukimura (Tamlyn Tomita) to bring on the Oni, so they can backward-5 mark him, despite Kira’s (Arden Cho) protests. They mark rather than kill him, proving he's the real Stiles (in a puke-mummy-built body).
Now that the gang knows he's not going to be evil-fly-infesting anyone, it's time for him to hug it out with Papa Stilinski (Linden Ashby).
Stiles isn't home free, however. He's freezing cold and feeling pain all over his body, which Scott (Tyler Posey) senses when he touches his friend's hand.
Then Meredith, who was in Eichen House with Stiles, inexplicably shows up in Coach’s (Orny Adams) class (oh yeah, and Coach Bobby is back.. and his name is Bobby). Turns out she's a banshee like Lydia, and she's hearing all kinds of death about to happen.
Meanwhile, the twins are being shot with wolfsbane by someone, and are in the process of dying until Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) comes along to try to save them. But they are in a remote location, and have no way to heal. Surely, one or both of them will die, right? Right?
The orderly at the mental hospital, who is a surprisingly mean bully, brings a few of his goons to force Meredith to come back to the hospital. He believes it's entirely appropriate and professional to begin by bullying Coach Bobby.
The evil-smirk-face orderly goes to grab Meredith while she's listening for death, and Coach takes care of him with his own taser because of the school's "anti-bullying policy." Then, he tases him again for cursing as the first jolt of pain went through his body.
While the rest of the gang searches for Lydia, she is being tormented by Evil Stiles in a way that is, for some fans, oddly terrifying and sexually arousing at the same time.
The gang brings Meredith back to Scott's house, where Scott’s dad (Matthew Del Negro) tells him the “big secret” about leaving because he was a drunk and knocked Scott over, so Melissa kicked him out. It’s not even worth going on about.
Back to Meredith: Scott’s dad wonders who she is, so Stiles fakes being her boyfriend, even though she prefers Scott. While Scott speaks with his dad, Stiles and Isaac spend quality time with Meredith in Scott’s bedroom. She hears Stiles' phone not ringing, so Stiles fake answers it for her so she can find out where Lydia is being held… in French, which Stiles seems to think sounds like Spanish.
She gives them the clues they need to find Lydia, and the entire gang descends on her location. Allison (Crystal Reed) has been busy forging arrows with Papa Argent (J.R. Bourne), and she shows up without him.
Kira's mom calls on the Oni, but she seems to forget that Nogitsune Stiles still has her last tail (the one he stabbed himself with in the previous episode). He also knows a nifty secret: he can only break the tail when the Oni are near. Once it's broken, the Oni belong to him.
While the rest of the gang fights outside, Stiles and Scott find Lydia. The only problem is that Stiles isn't feeling so hot. Will he be the one who eats it?
And Isaac is pretty much being cut into pieces. He's definitely about die.
But then Allison saves him by shooting one of her brand new shiny silver arrows into one of the Oni, and it begins to go up in a sort of yellowish, pea-greenish light rather than black smoke.
But before they all go up in smoke (or light, or whatever), another one of them stabs Allison.
So she's the one who dies! And right in the final couple of minutes too! How can the writer (Jeff Davis) make us suffer like that? They must be almost as evil as Dark Stiles! Dammit!
By the way, there was a special preview of The Maze Runner, a new movie starring Dylan O’Brien. His awesome acting will surely help to sell fans on this movie.

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