Tuesday, March 25, 2014

'Person of Interest' 3x17 '/' ('Root Path'): Root's God

Most of the following gifs are available on this Tumblr post. Person of Interest returns to being epic with the episode “/“ (“Root Path”). For anyone who doesn’t know the reference, “/“ is the root path of many operating systems, such as UNIX and Linux. When you have “root” control of the system, it means you have full control. And there is actually a “root” user. As a software engineer, I am tempted to go into even more detail, but I will refrain from boring my readers to tears.
The episode begins with a bus full of prisoners stopping for a woman lying on the street. Of course, the woman is Root, and she's got an affinity for tasing people under the chin.
She releases Prisoner Billy while tasing a bully. One of the funniest lines of the episode comes from another prisoner, claiming to also be "Billy," in hopes of rescue.
Root gives Billy a few orders via the Machine, including the learning of a new accent, shaving, and learning a signature. Everything they need just happens to be on the street as they walk, including Billy's new wardrobe. Well, God... er... the Machine will provide -- at least for Root.
All of this leads up to a quick interchange between Billy and a man with a letter. He just has to pretend to be a similar-looking man, so he can sign for a letter that will give Root and the Machine the information they need for the next step.
Root then gives Billy a kiss on the cheek after relaying the information he'll need to survive a long stint in prison.
Root's next target for protection coincides with the number given to Finch: Cyrus. Cyrus is just a janitor, but the gang soon finds that he is wanted by both Decima and Vigilance, meaning he has something to do with the Machine or it's cousin Samaritan.
Root takes control, keeping an eye on Cyrus while the rest of the gang runs around trying to protect them from all the dangers lurking about. The first to get injured is Shaw's phone, while Collier shoots at her.
She gets them back, however, kneecapping a sniper who is about to kill Root.
Next, Reese grabs the guy whose coming at Root and Cyrus from the other direction.
There is still too much danger, so Root steals a homeless guy's booze and a few eggs from a grocery bag in order to get Cyrus arrested. Fusco will keep an eye on him!
Then, Root takes him back using her shiny new FBI badge. Fusco gets the funniest line of the episode, when telling Reese why he had to let Cyrus go — ”Sorry Boss, Agent King is actually a superpowered nutball; just ask my buddy the Urban Legend.”
Reese warns Root that she needs his help, but she refuses it. That is, until Decima takes "countermeasures" to turn off all cellular activity, leaving Root in the dark. Reese is able to shoot a couple of them, but they get away with Cyrus.
It turns out that Root killed Cyrus' friends and coworkers for money back when she was one of the bad guys. She wonders whether the Machine chose him on purpose to make amends, and she will do everything she can to save him.
She also refuses to live even one second without the voice of her "God" in her ear, so she asks Finch to install a direct link to the Machine in her Cochlear implant (Control removed her right one, remember?). She then threatens an ear doctor to have him insert the new device.
Meanwhile, Decima uses Cyrus' eye to enter a room containing the chip they need to finish Samaritan. This is all they needed him for, and send him to be killed now that they've got what they want.
Then, Root saves the day, sort of. She saves Cyrus with help from Finch and Reese, but the chip has already been taken. The chip is even more important in the overall scheme of things because, as Root puts it, the Machine could lose the battle of the war between "two Gods," and Finch, Reese, Shaw, and Root will be the first to die in the battle.
Shaw, however, is completely unaware of all the Decima goings-on after being trapped on her own all day in a building with Collier and Vigilance. All she wants is a drink, and something for her gunshot wound.
At the end, Root is off to save the world, and Fusco has agreed to be her chauffeur.


  1. Wow is that the whole episode replicated? Love the gif's. Stopping by for A to Z. GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie

    1. I posted my A to Z post late, but thanks! :) It's def not the whole episode, but I did include lots of tweets and gifs because it was one of my favorite eps!