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'Elementary' GifTweetCap: Two Angry Roosters

All these gifs are available on this Tumblr post. Note: There aren't as many tweets as usual because I somehow lost many of the ones I was going to use. And I had so many great ones lined up! Not to worry... I've created my own app so this won't happen again! The Elementary episode, "The One Percent Solution," sees the return of Gareth Lestrade (Sean Pertwee), two roosters that serve as a metaphor, an assistant who shows how far Watson (Lucy Liu) has come in her relationship with Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller), and a very smart criminal who never would have been caught without the second part of the scheme.

The episode starts with an unexpected explosion at a table during a lunch meeting between a few Department of Labor officials and bank executives from Whitbrook-Balsille. It then cuts to Sherlock rehabbing Romulus and Remus, two roosters that had been used in cock fights. Watson won't fall for his attempts to call them "cocks."
Sherlock is put on the bombing case, but guess who just happens to be the "security czar" for Whitbrook-Balsille? Lestrade, of course! Lestrade is incredibly annoying, and just won't shut up about how great he thinks he is. He even mistreats his new assistant, Truepenny (Sarah Goldberg), who begged to work for him. Poor young woman has the lowest self-esteem in history.
Lestrade even attempts to show off his awesomeness by taking a helicopter eight blocks, and performing hypnosis on a witness under a term he obviously made up himself: "deep dive." Then he shows his disrespect for Sherlock by flushing the toilet right after asking Truepenny to call him.

As Sherlock becomes disheartened that Lestrade did not crash and burn without being able to continuously take credit for Sherlock's work, Truepenny seems to think that she is also in a competition with Watson. She also seems to think that Watson is a mere assistant, as she is.
A group known as Aurelius takes credit for the bombing, but Sherlock notices something fishy about their announcement, so he works a different angle. He notices that the bomb was at one end of the table, and appeared to be targeting a man named Laurence Iver.

The only guest Sherlock and Watson are unable to account for is a "Jaque St. Teton." When Sherlock notices a book in the office of Lestrade's boss Richard Balsille (Bill Irwin) titled "Teton," he pulls security footage to get proof that it's him. Instead, Lestrade himself is on the tape!
Sherlock believes Balsille may still be guilty, simply having Lestrade check in to the hotel for him. Lestrade is adamant that Balsille is not guilty of anything, but doesn't cop to checking in at the hotel when given the chance (Sherlock has not told Lestrade that he saw him on surveillance). Before Lestrade leaves, he tries to recruit Watson. Watson feigns interest, but steals his phone.

Sherlock has hit a roadblock in the investigation, so he makes some Yorkshire Pudding, destined for the trash can, in order to calm himself. Some folks were worried that he was pulling the roosters out of the oven!
Watson comes to get Lestrade for an interrogation while Sherlock is gone... and gives back his phone. Truepenny is extremely jealous, believing that Watson wants to steal her job. Oh, if she only knew! "Assisting" is so far beneath Watson, Lestrade himself could be her assistant!
Little does Lestrade know, Sherlock is waiting for him once he's finished with the interrogation. Sherlock is very curious why Lestrade has turned himself into such a moron. Oh, and he also mentions the fact that Watson was the one who stole his phone, and would in no way want to work for him.
Lestrade was, in fact, watching Iver for Balsille, but still doesn't believe Balsille killed him. He also confesses that he was basically acting as a pimp for Balsille, not planning a murder. Sherlock doesn't understand why he wasn't straightforward about it... why make Sherlock believe he was involved in murder rather than something that wouldn't even matter to him. Well, because he was embarrassed. Dumbass. Disrupting the investigation over embarrassment is only more embarrassing.
Later, Sherlock kills two birds with one stone by waking Watson using one of his roosters, and tricking her into saying something even funnier than he had imagined she would say.
He has wakened her to see some heat maps he has obtained, which show something burning at over 1,000 degrees each time Aurelius has set off a bomb. The heat is coming from behind a house. But the hot location turns up a crispy Aurelius suspect. He made an error in bomb-making, and died about a week ago. That's called karma! Unfortunately, he was not testing the same sort of bomb that Sherlock and Watson are investigating.
Sherlock and Watson are continuously interrupted from their thoughts by the new ringtone Sherlock has set on both their phones for Lestrade ("Had a Bad Day"). Lestrade finally gets ahold of them, upset that Balsille is being blackmailed. Whoever is blackmailing him knows everything about the women he has paid to sleep with him.
From there, it doesn't take long for Sherlock to deduce the culprit: Louise Forrester (Maggie Lacey), a woman who had been injured sitting at the table when the bomb went off, had been paid by Balsille to sleep with him. She now works at for the Department of Labor, and set the bomb to kill her boss and have early access to labor reports through the blackmail.

Later, Lestrade asks to stay at Sherlock's for a bit now that he's out of a job. He will have to live with Sherlock's two new roosters, which Sherlock has successfully trained not to fight. Watson is happy to see them get along, but not so happy to own the roosters. She wants nothing to do with their care.

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