Friday, April 3, 2015

C is for Cat Blog

This year, I've entered two blogs into the A to Z Blogging Challenge. This is my main one, but I also have a brand new blog called Kristen's Kids, and it's all about my cats! The theme on that one is "things that cats love," and it includes animated gifs and tweets similar to the ones I create for this blog.

I don't really have a theme this year for this blog. It's pretty random, with a science-, technology-, sci-fi- bent. Except for this post. This one is all about my other blog, because I love my "kids!" And today, I'm sharing a gif that I shared yesterday on my cat blog:
This gif is also available on this Tumblr post
You can view the full video on YouTube

And now for some random #CatBlog tweets:


  1. "Z'ai cru voir un grosminet!" Sorry I couldn't resist the famous cartoon sentence about the little birdy seeing the cat even though I don't know what it says in English.
    Funny gif.
    Happy AtoZ.

  2. Fun! There is an instagram I follow called Living with Nala - this beautiful cat who likes to play with snow, and do other cat things. You should check it out! Found you on A to Z btw :)