Wednesday, April 29, 2015

X is for XXVIII

The Roman numeral XXVIII is equal to 28. I chose 28 because it was my favorite body age. I say body age because I'm not talking about my how I felt emotionally or anything like that. I like knowing all the things I know now, and feeling more calm and comfortable in the world.

The reason I liked the way my body felt when it was 28 was because it was old enough to not be a little girl body, but young enough to do just about anything I wanted to do. My back wasn't going out every few months, and I could run and do some acrobatics without any problem.

I don't have any videos to represent my body's age at 28, so I simply made a video of my hands doing a "2," then an "8," while holding my phone between my knees. Silly, I know.

Here are a few tweets about #XXVIII:

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