Thursday, April 30, 2015

'Elementary' 3x21 'Under My Skin' Gif-Tweet-Cap: New BFFs!

"Under My Skin" was one of the most disturbing episodes of Elementary in a while. It was a very good episode, but parts of it were a little too much like CSI for my taste. The following gifs are also available on this Tumblr post. The podcast I co-host is not yet available for this week, but you can subscribe on iTunes for the latest episodes.

The episode begins with Alfredo gaining his 5-year AA chip. Yay! But Sherlock is mainly focused on another man: someone who is obviously not part of the group, as he is carrying a flask of alcohol and thinks that Step 5 is the same as the slogan for the coffee he happens to be drinking.
Meanwhile, a horrible murder takes place in which two paramedics are shot and their ambulance is stolen along with the sick woman they were carrying.
The killer picked up the casings, but misses one: and Sherlock retrieves it from a grating. This casing leads them to a douchebag named Wallace Turk, who refuses to say a word on where the missing woman was taken. Sherlock decides to bypass Turk's uncooperative attitude and figure it out himself by inspecting the bottom of Turk's shoes. Turk has a mini freak-out a bit while Bell and Joan ignore him.
The shoe has dirt from a salt marsh, and Turk's phone leads them to the exact salt marsh they are seeking. Unfortunately, the woman has just been killed.

Sherlock realizes that Lloyd, the man who intruded on the AA meeting, may be following him. Of course, Sherlock follows him back, wanting to know why he's following him. Lloyd refuses to say, but Sherlock refuses to take no for an answer. He threatens to expose their fake "tragic love affair" in a very public fashion unless he obtains the answers he seeks.
It turns out that Lloyd is actually following Alfredo, and that Alfredo is in some sort of "big trouble."

The autopsy indicates that the victim was a drug mule, but her roommate says she had gone to Brazil for gastric bypass surgery. The food in the victim's fridge indicates that she truly believed she had the bypass, and didn't know she was turned into a drug mule.
The proof is that her Brazilian doctor has gone into hiding, is married to Turk's sister, and stole heroine from the hospital where he used to work. And now they know that he stole so much that they would have needed three drug mules, meaning there are two more victims.
In the meantime, Sherlock looks into Alfredo's trouble and confronts him with it: he's been breaking into cars using Castle security (his old employer) and moving them a few feet. He's doing it because they not only fired him, but accused the five-year-sober man of using drugs. How dare they! Alfredo just wants Sherlock to butt out, reminding him that he's his sponsor, not his friend.
Watson and Bell pay a visit to Dr. Ward, a dentist who has been allowing a drug cartel to do business at his facility. They use him to get a meeting with Janko, the Serbian drug lord, so they can use him for information on when the heroin begins to be pushed out for sale. Since they've already got their eyes out for it, they'll know if the Serbians buy it, and by feeding the info to the cops, they can push out the competition.
CLYDE MOMENT! Joan looks like a proud mama watching her cute little turtle-son.
When Janko is murdered, Dr Ward begins freaking out: he somehow gets his fingers cut off by a rival Chinese cartel, and tells them where the bodies of the other two drug mules are hidden, saying he heard the cartel talking through the air vents.
The bodies had been filled and sewn up with rocks before being dumped, but the filament used to see them leads straight back to Dr. Ward: it's commonly used in dentistry. He's got all sorts of excuses, but the best explanation for the whole gruesome affair comes from Sherlock: Dr. Ward is simply ridiculously bad at being a criminal.
Then they proceed to trick Ward into making a full confession by showing that a Chinese drug lord has given him up. His own lawyer warns him that it's a trick, and that the man is a cop, but that doesn't stop him. In the end, the fake Chinese drug lord is the cop who will process his arrest. All Dr. Ward can do is smile at Bell on his way out, as if he's saying "Nice trick" and "Wow, even I didn't realize exactly how much of an idiot I am."
Sherlock sends an urgent text to Alfredo for help with his addiction, but never shows up for the meeting. Later, Alfredo is confronted by a couple of cops who accuse him of stealing a bunch of cars and moving them to a garage. Of course, Alfredo has an alibi which is on camera, because that's exactly how Sherlock planned it.
Alfredo confronts Sherlock about his method of protecting him... and about moving all those cars himself... and about being involved in the matter at all after telling Sherlock to butt out.

Sherlock promptly fires Alfredo from being his sponsor so they can be friends. Alfredo seems delighted by the idea, apparently so he can mess with Sherlock right back, starting with jokingly asking whether he can ask out Joan. Hopefully this means more Alfredo!

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