Saturday, April 11, 2015

I is for Internet

Most of what I do consists of building websites and apps for the Internet or for mobile phones. When it comes to my own sites, however, I tend to go with what's easy. That's because my own sites are more about writing and having fun than about work. I don't want to think about the design. I usually just pick a template, then customize it with my own photos.

The gif below is of my new kitty Tumblr page. Since it mostly consists of photos, I decided to go with one of those fluid themes, so that there is really no design at all. The photos themselves are the design, and encompass the entire page. Fun!

And here are a few random tweets about the #Internet:

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  1. Everyone loves a cute kitty gif.

    Just stopping by from the A to Z Blog Challenge list...enjoy the rest of the challenge.