Thursday, April 16, 2015

'Elementary' 3x19 'One Watson, One Holmes' Gif-Tweet-Cap: Everyone is NOT a Fan

"One Watson, One Holmes" is an odd Elementary episode. It's all about Everyone (the hacking group), so of course it's weird! How could it be anything else? The following gifs are also available on this Tumblr post. The podcast I co-host is not yet available for this week, but you can subscribe on iTunes for the latest episodes.

We start with a visit from Everyone... or rather, He Who Made Sherlock Go to a Twilight Convention (aka Sucking Chest Wound, aka Petros Franken). He says that Everyone is in the middle of a civil war, with Chest Wound wanting Everyone to be a group of pranksters, and a guy going by Species wanting the group to become a politically left group.
Sherlock is bored by the whole thing... until Species is found dead, with all the evidence pointing to Sucking Chest Wound, who is arrested for the murder.
CLYDE IS BACK!!! That is all.
After some running around and interrogations with various Everyone members of various odd-sounding screen names, a giant stash of data that once belonged to Species is found. Because it is filled with viruses and other dangerous material, it is all printed on paper for Watson and Holmes to sift through.
We now interrupt this episode recap for the most clever rude awakening thus far: "Wake up Watson" in Morse code.
Sherlock has spent the evening reading through text messages on paper, and has discovered that Species has two distinct texting styles. He dramatically presents two examples for her perusal.
There is strong evidence that the other Species would have benefited most from Species' 1 death, leading Watson to claim that "Species killed Species." Right after the murder, Species 2 was pushing something called Operation Right Nut to discredit a far-right organization, which Species 1 had thought it was too dangerous. But that's not all: Sherlock also discovered that Species 2 texting style matches another Everyone member named Tessee.
Once they find the lair of the killer Species (Tessee), they harass him until an FBI Agent Branch gets in their way and provides Tessee with an alibi. Tessee was an FBI informant against Everyone!
With the killer about to go free, Sherlock brings in an irregular accountant to find financial connections that would explain why Branch would let a killer go free. Once they realize that Branch just did it to be a hero by using Tessee to bring down Everyone, he uses the accountant to find a way to blackmail Branch into doing the right thing.
Watson is then brought in on the plan, and seems confused that the problem has been solved without her. Staring at the accountant's chicken-scratch notes only serves to confuse her more, and garners a subtle glare from the accountant.

It turns out that Branch hired an undocumented Tibetan Nanny, and threatens to release the info if she doesn't provide the murder weapon, which contains the proof that Tessee committed the murder. Once he's arrested, Tessee states that Species had confronted him about trying to destroy the group, and their argument got violent.

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