Friday, April 10, 2015

'Grimm' 4x16 'Heartbreaker' Gif-Tweet-Cap: Toxic People Everywhere!

"Heartbreaker" could apply to either the main plot or subplot of the latest Grimm episode. There's all kinds of heartbreaking going on! The following gifs are also available on this Tumblr post.
First we have a young woman named Bella biking with a group of male "friends." One of them is a jerk, but the nice guy is in love. When Bella gets hurt, he reaches out to help his new love, but she slimes him... because she's a poisonous frog, and just can't help it. He quickly grows a face full of boils and dies.
Meanwhile, Juliette barges into Renard's bedroom to whine and complain and threaten him because apparently the most powerful Hexenbiests have the worst perpetual PMS. Also, Nick tells Hank about his new BFF (Biest Fiend Forever). Can I just say that Hank has the best "Wha-?" face of all time?
The royals have invited a new prince to take charge. Prince Kenneth can see right through Adalind's lies. He's also an arrogant a-hole who does whatever he wants, so he nonchalantly opens Adalind's robe to reveal her new baby bump. She quickly claims that Viktor is the father, not knowing that Viktor is sterile.
Later, Nick finally comes face to face with Juliette, and promises to never give up trying to fix things because he loves her. She responds by being a total Hexen-bitch and laughing in his face.
Bella is attacked, and inadvertently kills her attacker with her frog-slime poison. At least that guy deserved it. Monroe and Rosalee help Hank and Nick with the case by explaining what Bella is and how she has no control over it.
Nick asks them for a special request potion that will prevent Bella from ever turning into a frog again. Rosalee is concerned that it could kill her because it has never been attempted before.
After the second death, Bella's grandmother decides that Bella is old enough to have her face mangled, since mangling faces worked so well when she mangled her daughter's and her own face, and secluded them in a little home in the woods. Thankfully, Nick and Hank step in and stop grandma before she can pull any of that nonsense.
They present Bella with the potion, and explain the risks. She guzzles the pink concoction right down, knowing that even death couldn't be worse than what she is going through.
Meanwhile, Renard's inside man is identified by Kenneth. Kenneth kills him right after he calls Renard to plan a meet-up.
Renard shows up and gets his ass kicked by Kenneth, so he enters Biest Mode so he can defend himself. It's not enough, however, because his bullet-hole wounds begin dripping blood again. Don't you hate when you are shot to death and are brought back to life, and your healed wounds bleed again, causing you to lose a battle with an extra-powerful royal prince? That always sucks when that happens.
At the end of the episode, we see that Bella has found her soul mate right off the bat on her first real date: a cutie with face tattoos and piercings. The side effect of the pink potion is that she now has a rumpled green face, but her new boyfriend thinks it's the best thing since sliced bread: like the most awesome tattoo, ever!

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