Friday, April 24, 2015

'Grimm' 4x18 'Mishipeshu' Gif-Tweet-Cap: Creatures Creatures Everywhere!

The theme of the Grimm episode "Mishipeshu" is "let's make Nick think that all of the people he cares about are going to turn on him and try to kill him." The following gifs are also available on this Tumblr post.

The episode begins with a scene that sets the theme while creating a major fan freak out. Hank appears to turn into a creature!  I mean, what kind of jumping-the-shark nonsense is this? I highlight the fact that Hank is much stronger than Nick by showing Nick's suffering wince to Hank's kick-ass growl:
We soon see the same creature killing a janitor at a school. The first on the scene is lady-cop Deputy Farris, who joins Nick and Hank on their pursuit of the killer.
An 18-year-old kid named Simon wakes up with blood all over his mouth, but seems to be frightened and scared. He doesn't seem to know that he is becoming possessed by some sort of creature-spirit.
Meanwhile, Juliette goes completely off the rails  by pretending to pick up a guy in a bar, then turning Biest and throwing him across the room with her Hexen-witch powers. Everyone knows to make room for Queen Biestiette.
Juliette's antics lead her to jail, where Nick shows up to have a little talk with her. Once again, she toys with his heart, then whips out her rotting-corpse face to prove that he can't help but flinch.
Renard is also losing his mind a bit, knocking out a guy and taking his wallet for no reason. He doesn't even remember, and assumes it's some sort of accident that he wound up with a stranger's wallet!
We soon learn that the spirit is a Native American guardian spirit. Simon is on a quest to find his, but it kills another man. Wu finds a connection between them and a third guy, so Nick, Hank and Farris go to speak with him, but he is already being attacked! He has a gun though, and is able to escape without any injuries. When the creature doesn't react to Nick's Grimm-ness and Hank and Farris both see the creature, they realize it may not be so Wesen.
The gang get schooled by Hector, a Native American expert on the whole myth and culture of the Mishipeshu spirit, which involves lots of other cute teensy-weensy-sounding names. It's adorable. They then decide to go through some sort of ritual that causes Farris to feel barfy, and causes Hank to believe that he's Simon as a little boy. Little-boy-Hank/Simon then remembers his father being murdered by the very men who Simon's spirit animal has been murdering.
Russell Hornsby is one fantastic actor to be able to go from big strong cool-guy Hank to a believable 5 year old crying little boy. It's a totally embarrassing and silly scene to have to act, but man, he sure puts his heart into it! If the acting hadn't been top-notch, this episode would have been impossible to watch.
Child-possessed Hank runs off to find the people responsible for killing his papa, when he comes across the young adult version of the child inside him. The Mishipeshu then recognizes the scared little boy in Hank (plus, Simon is injured) and transfers from Simon to him.
This is where we get to the fast-forward we saw at the beginning, where Hank is choking out his friend. Hector blows some sort of powder in his face, causing Hank to snap out of it, but he's still haunted by the memories of the child, and wants to kill the last guy who killed Simon's dad.
It's OK, because the spirit moves on to Farris, and she kills the guy for them. Hopefully, nobody will ever know.

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