Thursday, April 9, 2015

'Elementary' 3x17, 3x18 'T-Bone and the Iceman', 'The View From Olympus' Gif-Tweet-Cap

Today I have a two-part Elementary recap for you, including "T-Bone and the Iceman" and "The View From Olympus." The following gifs are also available on this Tumblr post, and you can listen to the Baker Street Podcast I co-host on iTunes.

"T-Bone and the Iceman" begins with an incredibly annoying Sherlock, causing a power outage in the Brownstone, and throwing out a scarf Joan got from her mother as a present.

Meanwhile, a spoiled rich girl takes her eyes off the road to check her phone and gets into an accident with a psycho in a white van who bludgeons her. Sherlock has no time for this sort of case until Bell convinces him by showing him that the body of the girl has been instantly turned into a corpsesicle.
The coolant used to freeze the girl is in demand, and some of it was recently stolen from an ice rink where a white van had been spotted. Sherlock is not at all pleased when he realizes that it's an inside job, and a man who works there broke into his own storage room to steal and sell the coolant.
He gives them an address originally given him by the man in the van, which leads to a creepy warehouse. Sherlock goes in alone, and is shocked to see quite a few frozen dead bodies lined up.
They soon learn that the bodies are from CryoNYC, a place where insane people have their remains frozen in the hopes that they can later be revived and reanimated. Weirdos. The owners seem to think it's OK to simply freeze the bodies and rotate them to a meat locker when they run out of space -- meaning that they don't even adhere to their own insane guidelines for "preserving" bodies for large sums of money!
Another crime involving the theft of the body of Sullivan, the only murder victim at the facility, leads them to believe that solving that crime will help solve the new murder. Ford, a "witness" to Sullivan's murder, lies through his teeth about what he saw. He also hands them a sketch artist image of the man who did it, but it all seems very fishy.
Later, Ford is also found dead. When his body is lying on the slab, Sherlock notices that he has odd bruises on his feet, and is immediately able to piece together what happened from there. Ford had worn Sullivan's size 9 shoes on his size 11 feet when the cops showed up back when he committed the murder. Another thing the investigators missed was that the two men were estranged cousins, and Sullivan had refused to donate his bone marrow to save Ford's life. Ford killed him, then enlisted two CryoNYC employees to help him steal the body so he could get the preserved bone marrow.
When the van was hit by the girl, they killed her so she couldn't go to the authorities about the equipment she saw in the van, then the two CryoNYC employees killed Ford when he decided to confess about her murder. They had all given the same description of the culprit matching Ford's sketch, but when Sherlock sets a real photo of the sketch-dude in front of them, their agreement that he's the killer is their downfall: he's just an actor from a crappy sci-fi movie. He died long ago, and Ford just happened to be a fan.
Over the course of the episode, we learn that Joan's mom is becoming forgetful, and accusing her brother of cheating on his wife. When Joan confronts her, she just gets angry. So Sherlock saves the day by convincing mama that she never gave Joan the scarf -- that scarf he through out. Consequently, she decides to get help for her problem.
"The View From Olympus" begins with Sherlock whipping out his sex blanket and requesting that Joan get lost for a few days at a nice hotel (which he has already reserved). As he speaks, he tidies up breakables to make room for all the fun sexcapades he's about to have.

Meanwhile, Barrow, a ridesharing driver for a company known as Zooss, is rear-ended by a cabbie. The guy has good looks, but he's not too fast on the uptake. He just stands there while the cab crushes him... twice.
Sherlock studies the crime scene by doing a lovely murder ballet in the middle of the street for all to see, ending with a grand finale: lying down and sniffing gin-filled puke on the road.
Later, Sherlock finds a piece of the cab's bumper, indicating that the cab was not in service. This leads them to the man who bought the cab: a rash-faced pedophile who was blackmailed into killing poor Barrow so he could keep his little habit of staring at schoolyard kids under wraps. Well, there goes that plan out the window!
Turns out Barrow also worked as an Internet journalist, and asked one of the people he was interviewing to come to a place across from his home for the interview. But it turns out that the place where he said he lived actually belongs to his boss at the journalism company. She confesses to also being blackmailed, and the link between her and the pedo is that they both use Zooss.
The folks over at Zooss say that they have nothing to do with the blackmail, but they give Sherlock access to their data. Joan decides to try her hand at setting up the system on Sherlock's TV array with no luck. Sherlock feels the way we all do when granny asks how to change the channel on the remote for the umpteenth time.
Later, they find that a programmer at Zooss had been murdered, but it appears to be over gambling debts, and not even intentionally murder, but a good beating. While looking through his things, however, they find that he was the blackmailer. Unfortunately, he died before Barrow was murdered, so he can't be the murderer.

It's OK though, because Sherlock has all he needs to solve the crime: the Zooss data. The patterns of Zooss customers show that one woman was being stalked by someone who always knew her location. Her description matches one of the Zooss employees they met earlier.
Sherlock begins scribbling lines over a wide swath of Zooss' fancy-schmancy large-screen mass-surveillance video screen in order to explain what he found. Creep is goin' down!
Agatha, Sherlock's sex-blanket partner, asks Sherlock for a "donation to her uterus," causing him to hide out in Joan's office. The whole thing seems fishy until he realizes that his father gave her the idea so he could have an heir. He's initially very upset about it until Agatha adequately explains that she believes Sherlock is brilliant and she wanted a child anyway (although he sits there with grumpy-cat face while listening to her).
Sherlock finally gets it through to her that he does not solve crimes because he's a nice man. He solves them because he needs an outlet for the massive amounts of information in that skull of his. He just doesn't want to hand down that pain to a little one.
Joan fixes everything by offering Sherlock some ice cream to make him feel better.

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