Sunday, April 5, 2015

D is for Durascreen

We just remodeled our home, and my favorite part of the remodel is my new patio, which includes a new sliding door right out of my bedroom. One thing I really wanted, and did a ton of research to find, was a way to have a nice open and natural patio that could also be closed off in bad weather. I wanted something that could protect it in the winter, but also allow a nice breeze in the summer.

I wasn't sure what I was looking for until I found it: a dual track Durascreen! This thing is so awesome, I almost can't believe I actually have one (in fact, I have three, to cover all three sections of the opening). The vinyl protects the patio completely in the winter, and the screen allows a nice breeze, while also offering 50% shading to keep out the brightest sunlight when it's up there in the 100s F in the high desert summer. Check it out:

Here's the only tweet I could find about Durascreens:
But here's one about a durable screen:
And another about a whole different kind of durable screen:


  1. Awesome! I also like the idea of having a screened entrance between the bedroom and patio. Something to keep in mind.
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