Friday, April 3, 2015

'Grimm' 4x15 'Double Date' Gif-Tweet-Cap: Five Stories in One

"Double Date" is one of the strangest episodes of Grimm to date, with about four different subplots going on at once, besides the main plot. Let's see if I can fit them all in! The following gifs are also available on this Tumblr post. For those of you looking for my A to Z Challenge post, it's coming later this evening.

The episode begins with Captain McDreamy having a very realistic dream. OMG, HE’S BEING SHOT DEAD ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!! j/k, LOL (says his dream). It was all just for the benefit of fangirls who love #ShirtlessRage.
Meanwhile, Nick is in a panic to get back his new BFF (Biest Fiend Forever).

Thirdly, some dude picks up a hot chick named Stacy who is way out of his league, not realizing that she’s married, and they go to her condo. Her husband Linus arrives with perfect timing, and scares him out of all his money. Unfortunately, he forgets his phone in her room, which means he must die horribly by having his face wiped by the woman’s acid-skin. His face is nicely eaten away, providing perfect dinner-time fare.
Later, we see that Linus and Stacy both really enjoy yelling at themselves in the mirror. They both turn into Acidic-Flatworm Man and Woman.
Renard goes to Monroe and Rosalee for help to get The Book of Hexenbiests, but he can’t open it because he’s a Zauberbiest. He needs his mom’s blood… or Juliette’s, but only Renard knows about that at this point.
Nick’s Grimm books don’t offer much help in how to defeat the Flatworm pair. They say that a good beheading is the best way to kill the man, but whoever comes in contact with the woman is killed. The woman is never apprehended.

Fourth, instead of letting Nick know where she is, Juliette decides that staying with Renard is the best course of action. This makes Renard extremely uncomfortable… until he realizes he can get something out of it. Juliette can stay if she cuts herself and drips his blood on the book in order to open it.
Meanwhile, the gang decides to send in Monroe undercover to find Flatworm Woman. The gang stakes out the place to ensure that Linus won’t barge in, but of course he shows up anyway. Monroe signals the gang, feigning an arm cramp.
They break in and chase Linus, but Stacy isn’t in the bathroom where they thought she was. That’s because flatworms are hermaphroditic. The difference here is that Linus/Stacy is two separate people who talk to each other, have different experiences, and even argue with each other in the mirror. Amazingly, Nick is the only one to figure it out.
Nick and Hank go all cop-y and want to stop the flatworm from ever switching to Stacy again. The feminist in Monroe isn’t a fan of the idea, but something has to be done to stop them from killing anyone else. Rosalee decides that a batch of super-strong hormones is the way to go.
And fifth, Adalind is freaking out that she is about to have another baby when she can’t even find the first one. She decides that the best way to deal with the situation is to be even more slutty than usual (while pregnant) and sleep with Viktor so she can trick him into thinking the baby is his instead of Nick’s. Too bad, Viktor has already left!
Everything goes according to plan, and Nick shoots Stacy with hormone-darts. She turns back to Linus for interrogation (in a pretty red dress). Poor confused Linus freaks out when he can’t turn back to Stacy. He loves himself/Stacy more than anyone in the whole world, and futilely tries to “win her back."

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