Tuesday, April 14, 2015

L is for Love

There are many types of love. We can feel love for family members, friends, a spouse, and a pet. Love for things is not real love, but some people don't believe that love for a pet is real love either. That is because some people believe that pets can't feel love for us, so loving a pet is akin to loving a thing.

I'm not sure that anyone would actually say that this is their belief, but I think this is what they're saying when they say that it is foolish to risk harming yourself to save a pet. I think it would be impossible not to save a pet that you truly love. This is what makes us human.

In fact, it doesn't matter what the pet feels, how strongly it feels any emotion, or whether it feels something akin to love. What matters is that we love our pets because that is what makes us human. We love living things, and when we do that, they reflect that love back. Whether they actually feel it doesn't matter because they appear to feel it, and that is what we see. That feeling of love and recognizing its reciprocation is what makes being a human being a wonderful thing.

Here is an example of what I'm talking about. Kitty Love:

Here are a few more examples of kitty #love (and dog #love):

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