Friday, April 17, 2015

'Grimm' 4x17 'Hibernaculum' Gif-Tweet-Cap: Juliette Is So Cold

Grimm just gets better and better as Juliette continues to go dark. In the episode "Hibernaculum," Juliette is right on track to becoming the most dangerous villain of the show. The following gifs are also available on this Tumblr post.

The episode begins with Sad Nick. Sad because Juliette laughed in his face when he said he still wanted to make their relationship work because he loves her. Poor Sad Nick.
Juliette goes full #BiestMode, with or without the rotting-corpse face. She's now a full-time hoe, and generally nasty person. She even "reaches out" to Renard for a little tender-lovin'... er... violent making out (and possibly sex, although we don't see that part). By the way, RBF in the first tweet below means "resting bitch face."
Her main goal in life at the moment is to kill Adalind. When Adalind goes out shopping for some clothes to fit her new pregnant belly, Juliette makes her first attempt. Adalind's bodyguard (assigned by Prince Kenneth) saves her from the mind-nudged giant gargoyle.
Also, Renard is shirtless again and having hallucinations about "the light." Either he's dying, or still dead and continuously being brought back to life with the weird double-headed snake in his mind.
Now for the creature of the week: some guy named Knute Gunderson having trouble with his car... who also happens to be some sort of freakish freeze-dried snake Wesen. He attacks a nice old lady while her daughter listens on the phone in horror. He freezes her solid.
Juliette visits Monroe and Rosalee at the spice shop to get some help, not realizing that Nick and Hank are also there getting help with the freeze-dry guy. Nick insists that she tell them what has happened to her, but it's really easier to show them.
Rosalee tries to calm the situation and see if there's any way they can fix things, but Juliette decides that they are all at fault. FTW (the bad-word version is "eff the world") is her new motto. When Rosalee gets a moment alone, she shows her true emotions on the matter.
Back to the creatures of the week: it turns out that they can't survive out in the cold during the winter. The snakes must congregate in a huge "heat orgy" (as Monroe tells it), or risk freezing to death. This is what happens to Knute.
The other unfortunate option is to steal the heat from other people, freazing them solid. Knute's brother Sven decides to follow in his brother's footsteps, also becoming a murderer. The difference is that Sven is able to find the others of his kind before freezing to death.

The gang eventually finds the hibernaculum heat orgy, but it's sort of difficult to pull out their one killer from the mass of bodies.
After the mass of snake Wesen chase our guys around for a while, they begin freezing to death out in the cold. Nick and Hank suddenly feel really guilty for possibly causing the deaths of so many people, so they put them all back where they were... except Sven.
They decide to stick Sven in a cab and let him freeze. An eager shopper discovers him, and hilariously freaks out, dropping her bags in the middle of the road as she runs off, screaming.
And then, the episode is bookended with Sad Nick.

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